ZEEPIN & Galaxy FAQ — July 25th

  • Dear Zeepiners and Galaxy explorers,

    There have been quite a lot of questions about the future development of CryptoGalaxy and Zeepin from the community lately. We decided to gather all your information and prepare this FAQ article to clarify some of the most relevant and common questions.

    Some of the questions cannot yet be answered but will be made more clear with the upcoming release of Galaxy white paper.

    Surprisingly, most of the questions are related to future development of CryptoGalaxy, therefore we shall begin with those:

    Galaxy FAQ

    Why is GALA not listed on an exchange yet?

    GALA will be listed on exchange when all the legal and technical details are set. Main reasons for not listing GALA at this moment are: 1. White paper havent been released yet; 2. GALA will soon become a native coin of Galaxy Chain; 3. Game is still in early beta phase;

    Are there any plans of a decentralized ecosystem within the GALAXY world?

    Yes. There will be a decentralized Planet exchange, messenger and many other functions for P2P engagement added in the next versions of CryptoGalaxy.

    Galaxy Chain on the other hand will be a decentralized entertainment-assset public chain that will serve as a platform for launching crypto entertainment-based assets,in a move to tokenize the global entertainment industry with the power of blockchain and offer of a wide range of real-life applications — more details will be revealed in the Galaxy white paper.

    Are there any plans of another ZPT/GALA airdrop in the future to attract new players?

    There will be more ways of getting more GALA in the near future even outside the game. No details to share yet.

    Will you put steps in place to prevent GALA dump when it hits exchanges?

    Yes. GALA will have its own important application besides being an in-game token. It will also be used as GAS and a currency to deploy smart contracts in the Galaxy Chain ecosystem. More GALA applications will be described in the white paper. The circulating supply of GALA is relatively small and will be increased step by step.

    At the moment, the top planets are still listed at the top and it is hard to find new planets. Are there plans to include a search engine?

    V 1.5 will already include the randomization of the planet listing. Next update will introduce the filtering system to make planet browsing easier and faster. More and more options will be added gradually.

    In the upcoming white paper, will you be explaining factors that affect mining rate, e.g. number of miners, percentage speed of minig etc.. not just listing the factors, but explaining in detail how each factor affects it so we can better choose planets to mine on?

    Upcoming white paper is focusing more on the whole Galaxy Chain and its concept, technology, consensus mechanism and the future applications for business development.

    In the longer term plan of the game. Will minerals dilute the demand of GALA? I.e. Are the different minerals going to be another currency that will have it’s own demand and thus divert attention and demand away from GALA?

    Minerals will not be a different currency, thus GALA will not be diluted by minerals.

    When mining, why do you give minerals instead of gala immediately? Until now, minerals seem to have no special role.

    In order to present more interesting features and scenes in the game, minerals can be used for different purposes from the next version on.

    There are some rumors that the GALA bot hardware is a POW ASIC mining hardware. Any hints/ comments please?

    We can confirm that mining hardware is going to be introduced in the near future. All the rest shall remain a secret for a while more.

    For other in-game questions, we will update the CryptoGalaxy game tutorial and will try to include some of the questions posted in the form. To help us find answers to the questions you have, we will create another document to submit your questions after V1.5 is released. For the debate about CryptoGalaxy, please join our Telegram group: https://t.me/CryptoGalaxyOne

    There were also a couple of ZEEPIN related questions:


    If Ontology is upgraded, should ZEEPIN be upgraded as well? If so, who does that work? Ontology team or ZEEPIN team?

    ZEEPIN chain will be upgraded whenever is needed, upgrades will be done by ZEEPIN team.

    What is the expected TPS of Zeepin Chain?

    Expected maximum TPS for Zeepin Chain is at least 5000TPS

    How and when will you handle the token swap after the release of mainnet?

    The process will be very simple and fast. We will make a step by step guide and share it in the community in an appropriate time.

    We hope that this article will satisfy your curiousity for a short while. Feel free to contact Anze @AnzeNocZeepin (https://t.me/AnzeNocZeepin) in Telegram or ask away in our main Telegram group for more questions you might have.

    ZEEPIN Team


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