Switcheo Weekly Round-Up #10

  • Hello again everyone!

    For this week, in addition to being interviewed by Randall from the popular CryptoLove YouTube Channel,we are honoured to have beeninvited by Miki Hayama from NEO Japan to take part in a series of blockchain conferences and workshops.

    Here are some details about upcoming plans for the next week, as well as a summary of what happened this week!

    CryptoLove Video Interview: Up Close and Personal with Switcheo CEO, Ivan Poon

    CryptoLove covers a myriad of cryptocurrency topics, from updates on new listings and coin reviews, to fireside interviews with some of the top cryptocurrency CEOs around.

    Our CEO, Ivan Poon, was interviewed by Randall from CryptoLove, a cryptocurrency YouTube channel that boasts close to 90,000 subscribers, and is also a proud recipient of the Crypto Influencer Award in 2018.

    During the interview, Ivan and Randall chatted about Switcheo’s vision for the future, and how we differ from other exchanges.

    The interview will be released on CryptoLove soon, so stay tuned to watch them in action. A huge shout out to CryptoLove for reaching out to us!

    We’re looking to collaborate with blockchain community thought leaders to spread our vision of a multi-chain economy. If you run a YouTube channel or blog covering editorial beats that encompass areas relating to topics that you feel are relevant to Switcheo, drop us an email at [email protected]!

    Switcheo x NEO Japan Tour

    Switcheo is heading to Japan from 25th June to 4th July to meet up with our strongest supporters!

    We hope to be able to share more about the latest developments at Switcheo to our community, first-hand.

    On top of that, our CCO, Jack Yeu from Switcheo will be attending and speaking at various conferences in Tokyo and Osaka.

    Most notably, we will be speaking at the Japan Blockchain Conference alongside esteemed executives from blockchain tech companies and media such as TechCrunch, Ethereum South China and CoinTelegraph!

    Find the full details for the tour [here](https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6uh3isq0yod5oq/Switcheo - NEO Japan Tour.pdf?dl=0)!

    At these conferences and meetups, we hope to share with the wider cryptocurrency and blockchain community about Switcheo and our decentralized multi-chain vision. We also hope to get to know our Japanese supporters better, and meet up with potential partners, traders and institutions located in Japan. Don’t be shy to say hi if you happen to spot us at these events!

    Finally, don’t miss out on the first leg of NEO dev workshop in Osaka on 1st July, as our CEO, Ivan Poon will be giving a talk on building advanced NEO smart contracts. During the talk, he will also be giving tips on development and security best practices for the NEO blockchain that our team has learnt from building the first NEO DEX.

    We are always on the lookout for synergistic partnerships and co-marketing opportunities with other blockchain companies working towards a multi-chain future to enable secure and fast trading. If you are interested in collaborating with Switcheo, drop a line to our marketing team at: [email protected]

    Development Timeline Updates

    We would like to thank everyone for their support towards our development and the team has been working hard to bring you our highly anticipated features!

    Due to the delay in launching Switcheo Exchange V2 on the NEO blockchain, we have to push our expected Qtum release back to after our V2 release. This is as the upcoming blockchains uses the V2 order matching engine, which our engineers feel should be launched on the NEO blockchain first.

    On the other hand, we look to be ready to release the beta for Ethereum token trading slightly earlier! We are also happy to announce that we will be integrating fiat payment channels on our exchange site by the end of the year. This will be done through 2 partners, and we will release more details closer to the launch date.

    We’ll like to update everyone on our revised timeline goals below. From now on, we will also be using our internal development codenames for our major releases (instead of version numbers), so that our engineering team can better communicate updates to our community.

    Revised Major Updates Goals

    V2 Update — Mid July

    • New Trading APIs
    • Instant Trade Confirmations
    • Mobile UI

    Callisto Update — Q3 2018

    • Qtum Trading
    • Ethereum Trading
    • Beta in July, after V2 release

    End 2018

    • Fiat Gateway with 2 partners (credit card & bank deposit)
    • Cross Swaps
    • More details coming soon

    Mid 2019

    • Integration of next 3 blockchains
    • V3 API and order matching engine (microsecond latency)
    • More details coming soon

    End 2019

    • Integration with a specialized blockchain that can better support cross-chain trading
    • Contenders are Wanchain, NEOX, and an unannounced blockchain partner
    • Swap SWTH token to different blockchain if necessary

    Note that each major update grouping does not constitute a single release, and we will continue pushing out improvements whenever we can!


    #SwitchtoSwitcheo Giveaway Contest Winners

    As mentioned previously, we have announced the winners of the #SwitchtoSwitcheo Giveaway Contest and also reached out to each of them to facilitate receipt of prizes. If you have a winning entry and have yet to respond, please reply by 28th June 2018.

    Please take note that prize winners who fail to respond by 28th June will be deemed to have forfeited their prize, with the prize going to the next best participant, based on the selection of our judges. This is to ensure fairness for all participants, and we seek your kind understanding to facilitate the awarding of prizes.

    Due to Twitter’s Privacy Policy, please make sure you are following our Official Twitter Account so we can send a direct message to you.

    Beware Of Phishing Sites Impersonating Switcheo!

    This is not Switcheo Exchange, and is in fact a phishing site deceptively designed to look like the authentic exchange website! Note the extra ‘s’ after ‘switcheo’!

    It has come to our attention that there has been an increasing number of scam sites posing as Switcheo Exchange which may appear legitimate to users who are unaware. These are known as ‘phishing sites’ which encourage you to enter personal information such as your private keys or credit card details in hope of stealing them, or making fraudulent payments on your behalf.

    Ensuring our user’s safety is paramount and that has always been one of our main priorities. We have been issuing takedown requests to the appropriate authorities on a daily basis, whenever a phishing site comes to our attention.

    However, it is impossible to catch and take down every such site immediately, and as such, we encourage Switcheo Exchange users to be extra vigilant when trading. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure that you are trading securely on the authentic Switcheo Exchange:

    Check for the EV certificate which shows our full company name, and always double check the full URL.

    1. Use a supported hardware device such as the Ledger Nano S where possible — click here to find out more
    2. Bookmark the exchange website https://switcheo.exchange for easy and accurate access
    3. Do not Google search for the exchange as scammers might use similar titles or web addresses to confuse users
    4. Do not use a public computer or public WiFi while trading where the device or network could be insecure
    5. Do not click on any links to the exchange unless they are sent by an official Switcheo representative as they may be fraudulent — type out the URL manually (or use your bookmark) instead
    6. Do not save your private keys in places where you might lose them such as in your handphone or email
    7. Use a separate wallet for trading to limit your risks

    Note: The Switcheo team will never ask for your private keys, credit card information or other credentials in any form of direct communication.

    For more information on Switcheo, visit the following links: Website: https://switcheo.network
    Medium: https://medium.com/switcheo
    Twitter : @switcheonetwork
    Reddit: /r/switcheo
    Telegram: https://t.me/switcheo
    News & Updates: https://t.me/switcheoANN

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