Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty

  • Dear Switcheo Community,

    Our mission has always been to deliver a flawless trading experience for our users. With the launch of Switcheo Exchange V2 just around the corner, we would like to involve our community to help us achieve this level of perfection. That is why we will be inviting 50 participants to experience our newly built exchange experience before its official release.

    Participants will trade against each other during the 3 hour event, and will report any bugs they may experience that were not caught during our own internal testing phase. Through this event, we hope to give back to our supporters for helping us reach this milestone.

    Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty will take place on Tuesday, 17 July from 2pm to 5pm SGT (+8UTC).

    Please take note that this event is by invitation only. Interested parties must register and comply with our rules and regulations in order to participate.


    Participants of Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty will be testing new V2 features such as:

    • Deposits
    • Partial Withdrawals
    • Instantaneous Limit Trading
    • Mobile Interface

    Rules & Regulations:

    • All bugs must be reproducible
    • Reporting format must be valid; a submission form will be provided
    • No duplicate submissions are allowed; only the first reporter will be awarded the bounty
    • Features such as Faucet, Token Swap are NOT part of this event; submissions linked to these functions will not be counted
    • Expect pauses during the event; trading may be halted for back-end architectural inspection to ensure that exchange’s performance is up to par — non-compliance or deliberate violations may risk forfeiting your bounties

    The event is scheduled for a duration of 3 hours so that the tests are concentrated over a short period of time, to simulate real trading activity.The event will be monitored throughout the entire duration and submitted reports will only be accepted within the stated time-frame.

    Interested parties may sign-up via link below:

    Event Rewards:

    Below are the different tiers of rewards for Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty. There will be no limit on the total bounty amount that each participant can be rewarded.

    Tier 1

    For user-interface(UI) related issues such as:

    • Non-critical UI items missing or hidden inadvertently
    • Non-critical information displayed incorrectly (e.g. login status, transaction status)

    Scenarios classified under Tier 1 will be awarded USD $100.

    Tier 2

    For UI related issues such as:

    • Inability to correctly view critical interface items such as user’s balance, trades and orders
    • Inability to get updates in offer book or trade history
    • Critical information displayed incorrectly (e.g. wrong trade amounts or price)

    Scenarios classified under Tier 2 will be awarded USD $200.

    Tier 3

    For trading related issues such as:

    • Large difference in order price, amounts, or fees as compared to what was placed
    • Incorrect order matching
    • Inability to withdraw or deposit (> 5 minutes)

    Scenarios classified under Tier 3 will be awarded USD $500.

    Tier 4

    For trade balance related issues such as:

    • Ability to “spend” more than the user’s correct balance.
    • “Missing” funds during trading, deposit or withdrawal

    Scenarios classified under Tier 4 will be awarded USD $1,000.


    Situations that do not fall into the stated tiers can still be reported and rewards for such will be based on the sole discretion of the Switcheo Team.

    Smart contract and other security vulnerabilities should be responsibly disclosed to [email protected]. The bounties for these are categorized differently.

    All decisions concerning the rewards / bounties for this event is at the sole discretion of the Switcheo Engineering Team. Switcheo reserves the right to pause, cancel, or postpone the event, and disqualify any person from participating in the event.

    As we have been receiving overwhelming interests from our community, to help us in our beta-testing, this will be the first of such events since the launch of Switcheo Exchange. We therefore hope that this exercise will help us uncover issues which may only in specific scenarios, or we have yet encountered.

    If this is successful, you can expect more of such focused-group test events for our future product updates.

    Thank you for supporting Switcheo Network.

    For more information on Switcheo, visit the following links:
    Website: https://switcheo.network
    Exchange: https://switcheo.exchange
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/switcheonetwork
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/switcheo
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/switcheonetwork
    Telegram: https://t.me/switcheo
    News & Updates: https://t.me/switcheoANN

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