Spotcoin Close-up: Introducing Spotpay

  • Spotcoin Close-up: Introducing Spotpay
    making digital currency payments work for everyone
    It’s great to have digital currencies, but where do you spend them?

    That important question brings us to Spotcoin’s final business line: Spotpay. In our Close-up series, we’ve reviewed our OTC business line, our mining operation, and our digital exchange with our Spotcore engine. As a finale, we want to share a bit of insight into Spotcoin’s very own webshop and retail payment concept. As part of our mission to makedigital currencies work for everyone, Spotcoin wants business transactions to become easy, integrated, and open to everyone.

    What is Spotpay?
    Spotpay is a merchant payment system built on a customizable digital asset payment API. Digital wallets provide consumers with fast, low-cost, and secure point of sale (POS) transactions, and merchants the freedom to select the payment structures that fit their unique needs.

    Spotpay will integrate directly with Spotcore, giving users a one-stop-shop. Gone are the days of switching currencies from wallets to exchanges and back, in order to pay with the desired currency and balance. Spotpay digital wallets will integrate with Spotcore to provide instantaneous payouts at the current market price.

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    Join @Spotcointeam - Spotcoin makes make digital currencies work for everyone through direct access and simple liquidity. Provided
    a. Over the Counter (OTC) Marketplace
    b. 1.1MW Mining Facility
    c. Fiat / Digital Currency Exchange
    d. Spotpay Retail Payments

    Benefits for SPOT Holders -
    a. SPOT token holders will be entitled to a weekly dividend of 51%
    of the total trading fees generated by Spoitcoin’s digital asset exchange.
    b. SPOT token holders are also entitled to an additional quarterly dividend of 12% of the net profits derived from Spotcoin’s mining, OTC and Spotpay payments businesses.

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