It’s great to have digital currencies, but where do you spend them?

  • Spotcoin is an upcoming exhange with several unique features, setting up shop in Georgia (and the rest of the Black Sea region). They want business transactions to become easy, integrated, and open to everyone. With this in mind they are developping Spotpay. Spotpay is a merchant payment system built on a customizable digital asset payment API. Spotcoin is trying to create a world where digital currency payments are just as integrated and accepted as bank transfers or credit card payments. Spotpay opens the door, a simple widget that opens access to business worldwide. I was already a huge fan of this project because of stuff like OTC, Mining Services, many fiat pairs, free listing for $NEO projects and several more....but this is the icing on the cake....getting the masses to adopt cryptocurrency and by this blockchain? Love it! Read their latest press release regaring Spotpay here.