ZEEPIN Progress Report ( June 29th — July 12th)

  • Product Development:


    1. Closed-Beta test for ZeeRight V1.0.0 has completed. Bug fixing and improvement on user experience are in progress, estimated to be done before July 22.

    2. Details concerning design on “Authorization Pro” are still being worked out and will be accomplished in mid-August.


    1. UI design and profile on product demand in progress.

    2. Is now in the Sprint phase 1.


    Over 150 candidates from ZEEPIN Community applied for participation in closed test of CryptoGalaxy beta V1.5. To collect constructive feedback from users as much as possible, we have extended the number of qualified applicants from 50 to 100. Now the V1.5 Beta Test is in full swing. The new version is expected to be online by the end of this month.

    Operation Progress:

    1. On June 30th, ZEEPIN team continued its China meetup tour in Hangzhou, a city with a reputation of “the Capital of Blockchain”. Four influencers from blockchain industry have shared insights that’d benefit the community members. Discussions like “how to apply blockchain technology to sort out problems facing the creative industries”, “What should be taken into account when it comes to investment in crypto projects”and “How to bring the community together” highlighted this meetup.

    ZEEPIN China Meetup Tour — Hangzhou

    2. It’s been 11 weeks since the launch of CryptoGalaxy. During these weeks, 353 planets were released and 8444 people from 110 countries from all over the world have been actively engaged in CryptoGalaxy while more than 3,200,000 GALA tokens were generated.

    Term Explanation:

    Public Chain:

    Public blockchain refers to a consensus blockchain that can be read, sent (transactions), and validated by anyone or organization in the world. The characteristic of the public chain is that it does not set standards for the nodes, and is completely decentralized.

    Consortium blockchain:

    A consortium blockchain is a blockchain where the consensus process is decided by a pre-selected set of nodes. The selection process secures the nodes and it’s quicker when processing business.


    As we’ve seen in the past with blockchain gaming platforms, a high number of transactions from these applications can congest the network and effect user experience. Therefore, ZEEPIN is building two separate chains for transactions named Zeepin chain and Galaxy chain in order to protect the speed and security of its network.

    The Galaxy public chain will process token transactions, i.e. ledger transactions that involve sending tokens from one address to another. While the Zeepin Chain will process the business transactions of Zeepin dApps. A business transaction is any kind of request that does not involve sending Zeepin ZPT or CryptoGalaxy GALA tokens. Uploading designs to a user account, for example, is a business transaction and will be processed on the Zeepin Chain. Zeepin Chain Is a consortium chain with less nodes compared to the Galaxy chain which will increase its efficiency. So, by dividing the network into two halves, we will ensure that all transactions are processed seamlessly.

    ZEEPIN Team

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