Create BEP20 tokens for crowdfunding

  • IPO was one of the prominent sources of crowdfunding for years. Framing it better, IPO has dominated crowdfunding over the years. But as time passes, many loopholes were used to scam IPO. It became untrustable among the investors. Trusting such a method will lead to loss. Let me suggest some other method which has been prominent in recent years. Initial Coin Offering has done a great job in recent years. It is also a trustable method to raise funds. To help you understand, let me portrait you with a popular incident. Telegram - a well-known messaging app that raised funds through ICO.

    To launch an ICO it is required to create crypto tokens. Crypto tokens are nothing but digital assets which can be sold to raise funds. These tokens are created in the blockchain and the functionalities are designed through Smart contracts. While choosing the blockchain platform, you will have to analyze and find the one that will suit your business type. It could be a difficult task with many suggestions. Some might suggest ERC20 - the popular token standard. Yes, it is good. You can go with creating ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain. Despite being very popular and successful, ERC20 has its own mess uncleared. The speed of transaction per second in ERC20 is very low for the cost of the intakes to transact. It could be a lag for your business.

    And after all, being an entrepreneur you should stand out of the crowd to be successful. To do so, you can go with BEP20 tokens. BEP20 is a popular token standard of the Binance Smart Chain. And is currently the trending token standard. Also with the BEP20 standard gaining more popularity, it will be easier for you to sell these tokens among the investors. Crypto enthusiasts will be potential investors as it is familiar among them.

    However, popularity is not the only effective purpose for you to create BEP20 tokens. The transaction speed of BEP20 tokens is higher when compared to ERC20 with a surprisingly low cost. Won’t this characteristic of BEP20 attract more investors to buy your tokens? It's an obvious yes. Let me add some more positives to your plate. A stat provides that most of the ERC20 token holders have pegged their tokens into BEP20 to avail of this offer (transaction speed and cost).

    With all these features creating BEP20 tokens is easy, if not for Smart contracts. Smart contracts require high expertise to implement. To land on the safer side, it is recommended to consult a BEP20 token development company and provide a list of your requirements to them.

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