Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.07.09 — Red Pulse PHOENIX Asia Tour Seoul, Sticker Contest, Events

  • Major Company Updates

    Red Pulse PHOENIX Asia Tour- Seoul

    Red Pulse PHOENIX Asia Tour-Seoul

    On July 21st, Red Pulse will be capping off Korea Blockchain Week with an exclusive meetup for our community members of crypto enthusiasts, finance professionals, and research analysts. The event will feature the unveiling of PHOENIX, the next evolution of the Red Pulse platform.

    Speakers include a who’s who of industry leaders from education, media, finance, and blockchain talking about the recent developments, issues, and opportunities in the current climate in content and media, as well as how blockchain is poised to shake up the entire industry.

    Attendees will have exclusive access to demo PHOENIX early and be some of the first people to join our knowledge revolution. You’ll also be entered into a lottery where over $6,000 USD in RPX will be up for grabs!

    Registration link:

    You’re Invited to the Red Pulse PHOENIX Asia Tour in Seoul!

    Red Pulse PHOENIX Sticker Contest

    Red Pulse PHOENIX Sticker Contest

    To celebrate the upcoming reveal of PHOENIX and our recent logo rebrand, we’re inviting members of our community to create special Telegram stickers and GIFs that incorporate the PHOENIX or new Red Pulse logo. The top 10 stickers will be rewarded with 500 RPX.

    The designs can be funny, unique, or just plain badass. Just keep it respectful! The contest will close on July 11.

    Please find the instruction and details in here:

    Red Pulse PHOENIX Sticker Contest Launches!


    CEO Jonathan Ha with Udacity Blockchain Live Series

    Red Pulse will be assisting Udacity on their new Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree program by becoming a hiring partner and scholarship sponsor.

    As part of partnership with Udacity, CEO Jonathan Ha was invited to speak for the Udacity Blockchain Live Series, where he discussed “Will blockchain technology revolutionize the future of financial investment?”

    Watch the video:

    CEO Jonathan Ha Interview with Korea Top Crypto YouTuber KillaWhale

    Jonathan will be featured on a leading Korea Top Crypto YouTube channel, KillaWhale, discussing everything we’ve done recently and giving some more insight into PHOENIX. KillaWhale will also be a guest speaker during our Red Pulse PHOENIX Seoul event on July 21, and will be discussing, “Professional Vs Contributed Content”.
    Check out KillaWhale’s channel on YouTube:

    [비트코인]킬러웨일 - KillaWhale

    Events Review

    PHOENIX Bounty program Launches

    Our Red Pulse PHOENIX Bounty Program concluded within a few days, with our community growing by more than 50,000 across all of our various Telegram channels, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Stay tuned as we unveil more bounties and contests leading up to PHOENIX:

    Red Pulse PHOENIX

    Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 in Taiwan

    Jonathan was present at the Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 in Taiwan this past week. He was a moderator for the panel, “Central Bank Digital Currencies: Possibilities and Impact”, in addition to being a panelist on other topics.

    Future event

    Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul in Korea Blockchain Week, July 17–18

    We are delighted to announce Red Pulse is an official sponsor of Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul, the largest blockchain conference in Asia region. Jonathan will present at Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul as a featured speaker and moderator, and will be on the panel, “Difference between Security and Token” and “The Future of Managing Assets”.

    Find more details in here:

    Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

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