ZEEPIN Chain and GALAXY Chain — Why 2 chains and what is the role of planets?

  • Zeepin is committed to protecting the speed and security of its network. This is why we’re building two separate chains for transactions named Zeepin chain and Galaxy chain. As we’ve seen in the past with blockchain gaming platforms, a high number of transactions from these applications can congest the network and effect user experience. So, by dividing the network into two halves, we will ensure that all transactions are processed seamlessly. Zeepin Chain will process the business transactions of Zeepin dApps while the token transactions will be processed on Galaxy public chain. Zeepin Chain Is a consortium chain with less nodes compared to the Galaxy chain which will increase its efficiency.

    We’ve also segmented each kind of transaction further with ledger and business transactions. A ledger transaction involves sending tokens from one address to another; these transactions are processed on the Galaxy chain. While a business transaction is any kind of request that does not involve sending Zeepin ZPT or CryptoGalaxy GALA tokens. Uploading designs to a user account, for example, is a business transaction and will be processed on the Zeepin Chain. Furthermore, the Galaxy Chain is part of a broader synergy between CryptoGalaxy and our main value offering for creative industries.

    ZEEPIN‘s Framework Technology

    As part of the Zeepin ecosystem, CryptoGalaxy is more than just a standalone game, as we’ve created a strategy to cross-promote our brand within CryptoGalaxy. Imagine, for instance, that the game goes viral with thousands of users. This exposure from CryptoGalaxy could attract new people to the wider Zeepin ecosystem and would demonstrate our network’s strength and scalability. Also, the game could catch the attention of talented developers to work on our platforms.

    There are also two economic synergies between ZPT and GALA tokens. Specifically, users can lock-up some of their ZPT tokens to increase the mineral yielding of their planets, thus earning them more GALA tokens. The increase yield of minerals on the planet’s surface may also improve its future resale value. Alternatively, users can also stake the ZPT in their wallets for passive GALA earnings; the exact staking commitments and returns will be announced in our next update — stay tuned!

    The differences between the two methods are in their commitment periods and rewards. For example, staking ZPT tokens can be withdrawn at any time but earns users less GALA, while locking in ZPT has a higher commitment period and better rewards.

    We’ve also made planets in CryptoGalaxy perform a vital function in the Zeepin ecosystem. Each planet in CryptoGalaxy is a network node that helps the network reach consensus through mining. Once the planet has been established, a planet can then be elected to become a masternode that will earn additional rewards. We’re still in the process of figuring out how masternode owners will be rewarded and will announce these details soon.

    For more details please wait for the release of Galaxy white paper and further development announcements.

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