Neo based blockchain project Effect.AI takes on M-Turk giant

  • This is a video review of Effect.AI, one of the current $NEO projects which is gaining a lot of popularity. Though the title of the vid may give you a different impression, it's a review where Amazon is discussed quite a lot :). Amazon M-Turk, with their high fees and low rewards for workers, is ready to be replaced if it was up to Effect.AI. Amazons M-Turk has millions of workers, soon to move over to the Effect Force blockchain platform.

    Dutch start-up Effect.AI thought it was time to shake things up. Since there was no real competition, Amazon can charge whatever it wants, and while fees started out low, they now are sky high with low earnings for workers. Anyway. If you are not acquainted with this project yet, the video will explain the whole project in great detail.

    The project just came out of ICO phase. It's quite a nice $NEO project with a very low (hard) cap.

  • Rejecting Amazon's Offer requires a Brave Hearts!!! Well done team this is a wise and strategic decision it will help this project to work towards a vision of Fair Pay which is not the policy of Amazon as per my understanding also the effective use of AI to support the growth. This will also make Amazon to think and change the business model which will Benefit the workforce in Long run.