Difference between TRC10 and TRC20

  • A power-packed blockchain like TRON supports token creation. These tokens are known as TRON tokens. TRON blockchain supports three token standards that help in creating tokens. Of those three, TRC721 is the non-fungible token standard, whereas TRC10 and TRC20 are fungible token standards.


    TRC10 is the token standard used to create TRC10 tokens in the TRON blockchain. These tokens do not depend on Virtual machines. This factor makes it easier to develop TRC10 tokens.
    TRC10 is the most found token standard in the marketplace. Since the development of the TRC10 token is easy and risk-free, it occupies a high volume in the marketplace.

    What is TRC20 token? How can users benefit from TRC20?
    TRC20 tokens are the upgraded version of TRC10. It has become a primary focus among crypto enthusiasts. When compared to TRC10, it provides more security and makes the transactions smooth and hassle-free.

    Benefits of TRC20

    TRC20 has been a boon for crypto enthusiasts. They have been the primary preference for token development in the TRON blockchain.

    • TRC20 enables smart contract that provides high security to the token.
    • It also depends on a Virtual Machine that offers it a high energy level and bandwidth.
    • When it comes to crowdfunding, TRC20 is preferable as it helps in quick fundraising.
      Comparison between TRC10 and TRC20. Which token can be preferred?
    • Both TRC10 and TRC20 are developed on the TRON Blockchain. But TRC20 requires smart contracts. This action makes it more secure when compared to TRC10, which does not require a smart contract.
    • The TRC20 tokens implement extra logic that is absent in the TRC10.
      But when speaking of the TRC10 standard, it helps the developers to create TRC10 tokens easily.
    • Both the tokens are reasonably good from their perspective. You can choose the token standard that suits your business.

    Why choose TRON tokens?
    There are several other token standards in the blockchain space. But TRON token standards are unique and stand out identically. They could afford features like

    • High Transactions per second
    • Maximum scalability
    • High-level storage mechanism
    • EVM based compatible development ecosystem
    • POS Blockchain-enabled.

    How to develop TRON Tokens?
    As mentioned earlier, it is easy to create TRC tokens. But you should be aware that even a small error can cost you the entire process. And when it comes to TRC20 token development, you should approach professional token creators. There are several companies out there to create TRON tokens. You should be aware of choosing the best TRON token development company among them.

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