ZEEPIN Progress Report ( June 16th — June 28th)

  • Product Development:


    • All functions of ZeeRights development completed; closed test ongoing and will enter into the beta testing stage soon
    • Connection to public blockchain, consortium blockchain and ZeeWallet in the process of testing and technical improvement


    • Process design and prototype design finished, preparing the technical development request files
    • Product UX and UI design development started


    1. Fixed bugs in recognizing email address(neglecting capital difference), iOS pop-window, etc. ; improved functions in invitation code update, planet occupying countdown, Gala icons, etc.

    2. CryptoGalaxyV1.5 is under testing and will be released as soon as the tests prove its ready to use. Features have been added such as planet technology unlocks, wallet module, and password resetting/change; In addition, the planets in the “sold” tab will be randomly arranged to promote fairness in game

    Note:Since CryptoGalaxy involves critical updates, in order to ensure the game stability and the safety of ZPT transfer, there is closed internal test of beta V1.5 already ongoing. To detect possible vulnerabilities, we decided to conduct a community beta test before the official launch of V1.5.

    Open testing will start in early July. To apply for it please send email to [email protected]. Email should include full name, email address associated with your in-game account, and nationality.

    Operation Progress:

    1. The second stop of ZEEPIN’s Global Meetup Tour took place in Singapore on Jun.19, themed as “Design of Business,Business of Design on Blockchain”. Experts from creative industry, designers, creatives, project partners of the blockchain industry and some media companies had a heated discussion on how creative industries can benefit from the blockchain technology, and explored together with community members efficient solutions accessible to creatives in the future.

    2. CryptoGalaxy has been active for consecutive nine weeks with a total number of 342 planets released so far. Besides, 6590 explorers from 108 countries have been actively engaged in public test with over 2,090,000 Gala tokens generated through mining.

    Term Explanation:


    ZeeCreate is a decentralized platform that will connect creatives (designers, artists, etc.) and consumers so that any individual or entity can find the most desirable creative content or resource in a cost-effective way. To make this happen, smart contract and ZPT play vital roles. Payment will be automatically written into each protocol. That is to say, the smart contract enables a fair, efficient and transparent landscape for transactions as rewards or revenues will be automatically allocated to contributors after the completion of a project. There is a clear benefit and advantage in using smart contracts for a project with multi-parties engagement. By attaching a smart contract to a project, the inefficiency caused by complex workflow of conventional contract will be largely improved.

    Consensus mechanism:

    Consensus mechanism refers to a way to verify the orders in transactions occurred during certain time slot. In a centralized system, it’s stipulated by centralized entity or organization. However, it’s not how things work in blockchain world. Consensus will be formed by multiple nodes’ participation according to a set of specific standards. The most popular consensus mechanisms are PoW, PoS and DPos.


    • PoW: The first miner to solve the puzzle gets rewarded with access and network transaction fees. The probability of mining a block is mainly depending on how much computational work is involved.
    • PoS: In PoS mechanism, no mathematical puzzles need to be solved. As opposed to PoW, the creator of a new block is selected based on how many tokens one has owned.
    • DPos leverages the power of user approval voting to choose super nodes in a fair and democratic way.


    What is ZPT? What can you do with it?

    Token is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that has tamper-proof and authentic features based on cryptography to secure financial transactions. Empowered by smart contract, it can be applied to a variety of real-life scenes.

    ZPT (ZEEPIN Token) is the token that circulates the whole Zeepin ecosystem. It can be used for payment, such as purchase of copyright and insurance, fundraising and so on. It’s ZEEPIN’s commitment to building a network where creators, suppliers and consumers can exchange value and benefit from each other.

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