White label crypto exchange cost- A crypto startup guide

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development is a process of developing a crypto platform that allows users to buy and sell digital assets. In order to create a successful crypto exchange, development teams must have a deep understanding of how blockchain technology works as well as the various markets for digital assets.

    The development of a crypto exchange can be a complex and time-consuming process, but the end result is a platform that can offer users a secure and convenient way to buy and sell digital assets. If you're thinking about developing a crypto exchange, be sure to connect with an experienced development team that has the knowledge and expertise to create a successful platform.

    How to Develop a Crypto exchange platform?

    Generally, to create a crypto exchange platform there are two methods.

    1. Development from scratch
    2. Development using white label software

    In the above two methods, the first method(development from scratch) is more complicated because it requires more time, effort and a lot of money. Also, you need some technical knowledge to develop and after developing the software you might face a lot of technical issues.

    The second method(Development using white label software) is secure, and you can instantly develop your cryptocurrency exchange in a hassle-free way with no need for technical knowledge.

    The white label crypto exchange software is a ready-made crypto exchange software that has been designed, developed, multi-time tested and ready for deployment. It is incorporated with all trading features and security aspects. You can make customizations depending upon your business requirements.

    Peculiar features of white label crypto exchange software

    Order Book System
    Mobile Application for IOS, Android
    Unlimited currency exchange pair
    Market Making
    Margin Trading
    Cryptocurrency Wallet development & integration
    IEO Integrated Module
    Third-Party API integration
    Referral program
    Crypto derivatives

    Benefits of white label crypto exchange software

    Easy to Customize
    Easy to monitor
    Enhanced Reliability
    Faster Deployment
    Reduces Deployment cost
    No need for Technical Expertise
    100% bug-free & adv features
    Tested multiple times
    Security as per the business requirements

    Cost to develop a crypto exchange platform

    If you are willing to develop a crypto exchange from white label software, then the cost could range from $8k – $12k. But the development cost will vary based on your customizations and the inbuilt features you add.

    Who provides the best white label crypto exchange software for your crypto business?

    If you are an entrepreneur/startup interested in launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform you can get white label crypto exchange software from a trusted cryptocurrency exchange development firm. One such company is zab technologies. They are one of the leading and well experienced crypto exchange development companies in the crypto market. They develop fine crypto exchange with customized trading features and top-notch security aspects. So you can launch your own crypto exchange platform instantly in a hassle-free manner.

    If you are interested, you can check the live free demo @ crypto exchange software development.

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