CryptoGalaxy Update — New Features of the Upcoming Version 1.5

  • CryptoGalaxy has been on the line for nine weeks. During this period, 340 planets were released. There were a total of 108 countries and 6,541 people who participated in game beta testing, generating nearly 2 million Gala. CryptoGalaxy’s enthusiasm belongs to the collective glory of the ZEEPIN team and all the players.

    After the release of CryptoGalaxy 1.4, in order to promote the fairness of the game and improve the game revenue for the players, the ZEEPIN team continued to optimize and evolve the new features that will be reflected in the upcoming 1.5 version.

    New Features of CryptoGalaxy 1.5

    1. Planet Technology unlocks

    Lock up ZPT in your planet to upgrade its technology in order to increase yielding speed to earn more Gala! Technology upgrade can boost the mineral yield of your planet by 50%.

    Minimum lock-up period is 1 day with disabled withdraw of ZPT. The upgrade will be completed after 1 day with enabled withdraw of ZPT.

    2. Added wallet module

    To make it easier for players to manage their assets, the development team added a wallet feature to the CryptoGalaxy game. In addition, as long as the ZPT is stored in the wallet, you can get an extra Gala every day, completely free to dig! The more ZPT, the more the gala. Token lockup in the game can create passive income, which will most likely become a trend in cryptocurrency entertainment industry.

    Quietly said, the future wallet will also support the introduction of NEO, ETH, EOS and other currencies in the CryptoGalaxy investment.

    3. Promote fairness and justice

    The function of kicking miners off the planets will be added. If the explorer did not collect minerals for two days his/her miner will automatically be removed from the planet.

    The planets in the “sold” tab will be randomly arranged, and any planet will have the opportunity to be tapped in the forefront.

    4. Resolve password issues

    In the past, many players could not log into the game because they had forgotten their password. Your planet will not be attributed to others, but failure to log in will result in economic loss. CryptoGalaxy adds the ability to reset and change passwords.

    Friendly reminder, the importance of the safety of your in-game wallet will become even more important, as the future Gala will have various kinds of usage scenarios in the game, such as creating game ecology, community voting and so on. In order to assure the safety of your tokens, you need to improve your wallet information.

    Continue to uncover CryptoGalaxy new gameplay - What is coming in the next versions?

    - Planet Adventure

    The astronaut flying around the star will soon appear! It will fill your spaceship with fuel, fly to the vast universe, and you will have the opportunity to explore the unoccupied planet and occupy it!

    As a pioneer of the universe, surprises and wealth are ahead. Now that humans haven’t done it yet, you can realize the dream of the universe first in the game.

    - Planet Trading

    The new version of July will open “Planet Trading”! Players can sell or buy their favourite planet through the market.

    You will get the chance to buy the planets that you missed in the past. Life is short, and you need to seize the opportunities that come in your way.

    -Planet Release Rules

    Cryptogalaxy new version will gradually reduce the amount of planets released, in August before the mainnet release the release rules will be finalized.

    Community users are welcome to support the team by providing more feedback of your in-game experience.









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