The inception of Crypto tokens and fundraising using ICO

  • With blockchain technology evolving, many innovative applications were introduced in the markets. Many businesses adopted Blockchain technology for their efficient mechanism. For instance, an era of fundraising has also been born in the name of ICO crowdfunding. Let me explain to you!

    If you are a startup or a prospective company and willing to raise capital, you can opt for this ICO. ICO, an Initial coin offering, is one boon that the crypto space has given to the fundraisers. Initial coin offering is an efficient process of raising funds by missing utility tokens from the investors. To launch an ICO, you will have to create crypto tokens on a specific token development platform. After selecting the required standard from the Blockchain, you can distribute these tokens on a crowd sale to the investors in return for the funds they provide for your company. These tokens are just the disguise of the share you offer to the investors in return for the fund.

    But while choosing these sorts of token standards, you must note a few factors.

    • The token must be developed in a popular blockchain platform that everyone is aware of.
    • It should be hassle-free for the customers to transact the tokens from one person to another.
    • If the token standards are recognizable, it can attract more potential buyers. Fungibility is an added advantage.

    The ERC20 token standard from the ethereum Blockchain is the most suitable for ICO tokens. It is the most popular and preferred token standard among the ICo fundraisers. As of Jan 2021, about 70% of token standards in the marketplace is ERC20. So, you can raise funds quickly if the token standard is common and easily recognizable by your investors. Let us hit the big question!

    How to create an ERC20 token?

    It is easy to create ERC20 tokens on Ethereum Blockchain. You can create ERC20 tokens in one of three methods.

    If you are a tech-savvy person and good with solidity, you can write smart contracts on your own. Smart contracts are programs that consist of the functionalities of the crypto tokens. While writing smart contracts, you have to be very careful. Yes, the smart contracts are once written cannot be edited.

    Another way is to create crypto tokens from token generators. They are the least preferred way. These token generators only create crypto tokens. In case you launch your ICO, token creation is just a part. Secondly, you may have to pay a commission fee based on the functionality you are opting for. It could be sometimes messy if you choose irrelevant functionality.

    To escape from all these hassles, you can leave these in the best hands! Hiring a reliable ERC20 token development company can help you skip all these hassles. The experts from the company will guide you to create ERC20 tokens and launch your ICO in a hassle-free way. Zab Technologies is a reputed company that has well-trained professionals to guide you. You contact them to get more info.

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