Red Pulse Development Update - June 27, 2018

  • Red Pulse Development Update — June 27, 2018

    Updates this week are focused on improving the sorting and filtering functionality for admins and users, as well as various performance and bug fixes.

    Full list of updates are below:

    • Source rating on back-end — The added source could be auto-rated on the back-end according to a reference list. Admin user could maintain the list (add new source and related rating value, modify current source rating, etc.) in Django admin interface.
    • OpenCalais Industry Tag Hierarchy import and relative search function.
    • Enhanced search on back-end. 1) The keyword search covers a larger scope with more accurate matching. 2) The non-TRBC tag search is improved and allows use of AND/OR for filter selection. 3) The TRBC tag could auto-detect the tree structure and related child tags, and implement the query logic accordingly. 4) Added topic in search field.
    • Added permission control group for writer and editor.
    • Small fixes, ex. improved data response of major APIs, house cleanup for typos.
    • Added HubSpot script.
    • Added cookie policy popup.
    • Various performance improvements, UI adjustments, and bug fixes.

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