Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.06.25

  • Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.06.25 — PHOENIX, New Red Pulse Logo, Udacity Partnership

    Major Company Updates

    What is PHOENIX?

    If you tuned in during our live AMA this past weekend, then you already know about PHOENIX. You may be asking yourself, “What is PHOENIX?”

    Well…PHOENIX is what we will be unveiling during our Seoul event on July 21st. We’re being vague and mysterious for a reason, but please keep checking the PHOENIX page over the coming few weeks as we reveal more and more info leading up to the big unveil.

    We’ll also be running various bounties and contests weekly, so head over to and subscribe for updates.

    Red Pulse PHOENIX

    New Logo

    Along with PHOENIX, we also unveiled the new Red Pulse logo over the weekend. The new logo represents the the next stage in the evolution of Red Pulse as a company, and gives you an early glimpse of what is to come when we launch our tokenized research platform.

    The team is very excited about the prospect of receiving new shirts and coffee mugs.

    Red Pulse Providing Hiring and Scholarship Support for Udacity’s Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree Program

    Udacity recently announced their new Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree program, which is aimed at helping students learn about the fundamentals of blockchain. Students will be taught be senior technical instructors and challenged with real-word projects that will have them building their own blockchains, writing smart contracts, and integrating these features with web applications.

    As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to communicate with industry experts. Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha, will be one of the featured speakers during the program. Additionally, Red Pulse will be providing support by giving priority to program graduates when hiring. Students hired from the Udacity Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree program will also be reimbursed for their tuition fees by Red Pulse.

    Development Updates

    We released the first in a series of development update posts that we’ll be doing leading up to the public launch of our tokenized research platform. Major highlights include APIs and other major backend updates. For a full list of changes, please check out the post below.

    Red Pulse Development Update - June 21, 2018

    New Hires

    Rita Y. — Graphic Designer

    Rita joins Red Pulse as Graphic Designer, and she has quite the story to tell. Rita is of Korean heritage, born and raised in Kazakhstan. She went to high school in the U.S., and eventually ended up in Shanghai to study Chinese at Jiaotong University as well as Graphic Design at Raffles Design Institute.

    Being the free spirit that she is, Rita had previously been a freelancer for the past 4 years…that is, until we were able to lock her down. She is inspired by designers such as Paul Rand and Stefan Sagmeister, and is a strong believer of the “less is more” principle — both in life and design.

    Brian L. — Senior Analyst

    Brian is an alumnus of the University of Washington, and previously worked at Huawei, Savilis, and HNA. He just recently moved to Shanghai and is always on the search for the perfect dimsum, but doesn’t mind the occasional Carl’s Jr. or Dunks. Most recently he has been wanting to try flotation therapy in an isolation tank, so that he can channel his inner Joe Rogan.

    Events Review

    Weekend AMA Recap

    This past Saturday, the Red Pulse team got up bright and early to join our community in a little mid-morning AMA session. Jonathan covered topics such as staking, development timelines, and the future of Red Pulse.

    Check out the recording below if you missed the show. We’ll also be releasing a full transcript this coming week.

    Upcoming Events

    Jonathan Presenting as Guest Speaker for Part of Udacity Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree Program

    On July 4th, at 10pm CST, Jonathan will be a featured guest speaker as part of Udacity’s Blockchain Live Series. The presentation theme is “Will blockchain technology revolutionize the future of financial investment?”

    A full list of speakers for Udacity’s Blockchain Live Stream Week can be found below:

    • Jul 2(Mon)20:00 CST
      Will blockchain soon replace the Internet?
      Speaker: Robin Zhong, Co-Founder, Nebulas
    • Jul 3(Tue)20:00 CST
      Will 2018 H2 be a battle field for public chain?
      Speaker: Wang Xiaoming, Founder and CEO, HPB
    • Jul 4(Wed)20:00 CST
      Will blockchain technology revolutionize the future of financial investment?
      Speaker: Jonathan Ha, Founder & CEO, Red Pulse
    • Jul 5(Thu)20:00 CST Will blockchain become the savior of your personal information security?
      Speaker: Alex Chen, General Manager, Robin 8
    • Jul 6(Fri)20:00 CST
      What opportunity will blockchain technology bring to e-commerce?
      Speaker: Michael Yuan, Chief Scientist, CyberMiles

    Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 in Taipei, July 2

    Jonathan will present at Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei on July 2nd. He will be moderating a discussion panel titled “Central Bank Digital Currencies: Possibilities and Impact”, which will cover the impact and progress of blockchain at startups, amongst entrepreneurs, and leading business figures.

    Find more details in here:

    Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 Official Website

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