Red Pulse Development Update - June 21, 2018

  • Red Pulse Development Update — June 21, 2018

    As we near the launch of our full public release of the tokenized platform, we’re also rapidly pushing live features to our current closed platform. We’ll be publishing dev updates on these smaller changes to give our community a better look at what to expect when we open it up to the public.

    Check below for a list of all updates publish in the past two weeks.

    • Fixed mobile app image issue
    • Added weight field for RP sorting
    • PDF picture label change
    • Adding Swagger for API documentation
    • Dynamic Tag support
    • Adding Pylint static code check into “RP” and “Research” modules
    • Support domain blacklist
    • “Topic” auto mapping enabled
    • Enhanced “Topic” auto mapping now takes “relevance” value into consideration
    • Added keyword search and filter in “Corporation” API
    • User feedback collection added to frontend and backend
    • Feedback collection emails now formatted in HTML instead of plain text
    • Renamed “Daily Wrap” to “Daily Pulse” for display in admin page
    • Mailchimp will automatically be registered if user is created from Django admin
    • “Combine Report” creating APIs as a one-stop API call
    • OpenCalais TRBC (Thomson Reuters Business Classification) API ready
    • “Source Rating” API ready

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