Use top-tier ICO marketing services for top business promotion

  • There is a wide range of business platforms in the world. Each and every business platform is trying excel in the digital space with incredible hope of getting investment at a high level. 😌
    This investment revolution is led by the concept of initial coin offering. The initial coin offering is one of the first digital investment methods in the digital space. The initial coin offering is very similar to the initial public offering. For IPOs, the investment is provided to businesses in the form of investors buying shares of the company.

    The minor drawback of this method is that the investors will be owning a percentage of the company that is equivalent to the share that was bought.

    In terms of ICO, it is not the case, the ownership of the company is provided to the investors, instead, they are rewarded with ICO tokens. These ICO tokens are the native tokens of the crypto project; a small portion of the coins is given to the investors.