PARS: One Coin, to Change the World

  • Pars seeks to realize the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency.

    We believe everyone should have access to the same financial possibilities regardless of where they are living. In the developing world, entrepreneurs and businesses can only grow and flourish if that access is gained. With Pars we will build a bridge to the financial possibilities which now still seem out of reach with the current banking system.

    Our focus is on creating new blockchain based solutions which will empower the people in developing countries. We know that they have unique challenges in conducting their business on a global level, so we have developed unique and innovative solutions. Ease of international payments and an open economy for businesses to thrive, to name just a few examples.

    Pars technology, based on European and specifically Dutch know-how and expertise, innovatively utilizes blockchain technology and the underlying philosophy of peer to peer transactions to facilitate financial transactions within and between nations. Pars solves the problems that conventional banking systems are currently unable to solve.

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