Message from CEO Jonathan Ha

  • Dear Red Pulse Community,

    I’m excited to share several things with you today. First off, I know that many of you in the community have noted that the Red Pulse Team seems to have gone relatively quiet. While we have been maintaining communication through our social channels such as Telegram, Reddit, and email newsletter, I do agree that it’s not the same warm fuzzy feeling as compared to when we were conducting our token sale and shortly thereafter.

    But this was intentional. What have I and the team been doing in the meantime, you may ask. We’ve fully staffed up our product and engineering team, with capabilities spanning blockchain, front-end, back-end, infra/devops, UI/UX, machine learning, natural language processing, and data science. Not only are they on board now, they’ve been working at breakneck pace to build our new research platform, to achieve our vision of creating an open and transparent financial knowledge ecosystem.

    On the marketing and community development front, I’m excited to share that Sombat Southivorarat is rejoining the Red Pulse team on a full-time basis, as our Marketing Strategy Lead. Many of you that participated in our token sale remember Sombat as our faithful community manager, and one of the key reasons for our success. Come say hello to Sombat in our telegram channel

    I’ll also be communicating directly with the community on a more frequent basis, via messages such as these, as well as quarterly Live AMAs to give everyone a chance to hear directly from me and ask questions in real-time.

    Finally, Red Pulse will be conducting an Asia roadshow, with meetups exclusively focused on the Red Pulse ecosystem. The roadshow will be kicked off on July 21 in Seoul as an official event capping Korea Blockchain Week. On that day, I’ll be making a major announcement related to all the fantastic progress that our product and engineering teams have been working on, followed by stops in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

    We’ll share more specifics leading up to the July 21 event, so stay tuned. As always, thank you for your continued support of Red Pulse.

    Best regards,

    Jonathan Ha

    Founder & CEO, Red Pulse

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