Bitcoin and altcoin: Who will take control of the market?

  • In times of volatility and uncertainty, investors tend to favor one particular crypto that has high liquidity and is stable. At the current time, Bitcoin price trend still dominates the market trend.

    However, Bitcoin leading position seems to be doubtable as Altcoins have recorded a stronger rise recently and the market is less affected by Bitcoin. Instead of following the general price trend of bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies also start to follow their own “trajectory”.

    This week, the altcoin works much better than both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The added value of the ERC20 tokens and the increasing demand for small cryptocurrencies of investors in the global market has proved that Crypto investors are more confident in betting their money on this market.

    Saxo Investment Bank from Danish, with its aim to focus on online trading and investment, has announced in a recent report that the capital inflows from organizations to the Crypto market will lead to a rise in prices for most of these currencies.