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    P2P exchange is one through which anyone can interchange their cryptocurrencies with the other person without the involvement of any third parties. Most of the crypto exchange works based on the P2P exchange platforms due to their privacy in each transaction. When an entrepreneur wants to start a p2p crypto exchange, the P2P exchange software will be useful along with some benefits like revenue generation, advanced admin & user modules, and escrow security functions.

    When thinking of revenue generation, P2P exchange software helps to generate profits in three ways.

    • Advertisement fee​
    • Withdrawal/Depositing fee​
    • Listing Fee​ & more

    The admin & user modules of the P2P exchange software consist of,

    Admin modules:​

    • Dashboard​
    • View user details​
    • Commission history​
    • Payment gateway integration ​
    • Dispute management system​
    • KYC management​
    • Security Details​

    User modules:​

    • User sign-in/sign up​
    • Support request​
    • Crypto wallet integration​
    • BTC Deposit/Withdrawal history​
    • Raise dispute​
    • Buy/Sell advertisements​
    • User to user exchange BUY/SELL​

    The Security features of the P2P exchange software are,

    • Jail Login Guard​
    • SMS/Email verification​
    • Protective content management system​
    • ESCROW Wallet Integration​
    • Integration of Firewall​
    • HTTPS Authentication​
    • SSL Encryption/ SQL Integration​
    • Fast KYC/AML Verification​

    The above-mentioned highlights might impress you at this moment. As an entrepreneur, you may have unique ideas for your p2p crypto exchange business. This P2P exchange script/software can satisfy your expectation as it is 100% customizable. This kind of easy customization option is mostly offered by all service providers out in the market. But only a few service providers help their clients to get satisfied with the final outcome. Coinsclone is one among them whose primary vision & mission is to satisfy their clients at any critical point. They provide bug-free p2p exchange software to their clients.

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