Polkawar clone script

  • Polkawar clone script is a highly-coded cross-chain decentralized blockchain-based platform for typical fighting and betting NFT games. The NFT-Based game platform has built with this Polkawar clone script will act as an all-in-one platform that promotes NFT, DeFi and Gaming. The characters, fighting equipment, and battle weaponry are all minted in the form of NFT.

    These NFTs gain value into two kinds:

    Trading with another user

    Increase the MANA of the NFTs

    Osiz is the best Defi & NFT game development company which offers you several Defi & NFT game clone scripts available on blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Solana, BSC, and others. A functional blockchain game can be designed and developed by our expert team of blockchain game developers. A Polkawar clone script that can be customized to fit your needs is ready to go.

    Polkawar NFT Marketplace Clone Development

    In the Polkawar NFT marketplace clone development, the players can buy their game characters and relevant weapons to enter the battlefield. It will have a collection of NFTs that can be tradeable among the users and the admin.

    Benefits & Features of the Polakwar clone software

    Farming reward: The players can enjoy the reward by using the PWAR token. The LP can earn more yield by locking crypto Liquidity Provider tokens.

    Staking reward: By using PWAR tokens, Players can stake and earn more tokens and gems to boost up equipment.

    Marketplace fee: In the Polkawar marketplace, the players need to pay a small amount of PWAR tokens as a fee for goods and services in the NFT marketplace.

    Renting fee: In the NFT renting platform, the player has expected to construct for PolkaWar Realm. This allows players the ability to lease their own characters to others for battle and acquire the fees in exchange if they aren't playing the game actively themselves.