ZEEPIN PROGRESS REPORT (May 21st — June 1st)

  • Product Development


    Recruitment for ZeeRights closed-beta test has begun and the first round is ongoing;

    -Test completed: “User center” function internal test completed

    -Development completed: “Uploading works”, “copyright registration”, “Work display”, “Personal Center” (My copyright, My profile, Messages, etc.)”functions completed

    -Under development: ZPT payment, copyright transaction, link to Public blockchain and Consortium blockchain


    CryptoGalaxy V1.4 launched with two new Galabots (Grubber and Whale) as well as two new Minerals (Beryl and Saphire) officially unlocked. New bots have better attributes in mining and are bring more fun and possibilities to the game. GalaxyEX was launched to make the exchange between minerals and GALA more transparent; the updated share function makes it easier to invite friends.

    Operation Progress

    • CryptoGalaxy has been active for five weeks with 240 planets in total released so far. This public beta version has attracted over 5160 explorers from 103 countries. 770,000 Gala tokens have been generated through mining
    • ZEEPIN team held community feedback meeting based on user feedback about CryptoGalaxy, and adjusted game update plan accordingly
    • ZEEPIN’s global and nationwide meetup tours are under plan by ZEEPIN Community Operation team
    • ZEEPIN (ZPT) was listed on Hitbtc and Switcheo Exchange

    Term Explanation:

    Copyright Registration:

    Copyright registration means the data storage of the copyrighted content and its ownership. It is the fundamental function of ZeeRights (the dApp of ZEEPIN Ecosystem). The creators can upload their creative work via ZeeRights. After entering the copyright information and the introduction of the work, each piece of work can get a unique hash code that will be stored in ZEEPIN blockchain. The hash code will be the only identity that helps authenticate the creative work, through which the copyright information can be traced. This makes the copyright and its associated data dencentralized and tamper-proof, which solidifies the evidence. Copyright registration based on blockchain technology can help the creatives to trace copyright in a way to facilitate copyright transactions as well.


    What is the relationship between ZPT and GALA?

    ZEEPIN Token, ZPT for short, is the native token with a total circulation of 1 billion that fuels the ecosystem of ZEEPIN. It covers a wide range of usage under Zeepin ecosystem, including purchasing copyright & insurance service and fundraising, in a move to incentivise the creators, suppliers and consumers in creative industry. Gala is the utility token that supports Galaxy Chain with current circulation of 0.7 billion and enormous potential to generate by mining. It can also be used in a space-themed entertainment application powered by blockchain — CryptoGalaxy. In addition, GALA will be developed with diverse functionalities, such as virtual mining and the similar role as what GAS plays in Ethereum.

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