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  • @jackjill7659 You know what, using a crypto exchange script can actually give you a head start compared to the other crypto exchange development methods. Because it is pre-developed, pre-tested and highly cost-effective. So, It is obvious that using cryptocurrency exchange script is the most efficient way to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

    But, the thing is, there are various cryptocurrency exchange scripts suited for various crypto exchange businesses. For instance, order book exchanges like Binance, wazirX and poloniex clone scripts are quite different from the user to admin crypto exchanges like coinbase clone scripts. You need to work on choosing the suitable type of crypto exchange you are interested in.

    Let us start with that:

    There are only three types of cryptocurrency exchanges:

    • User to admin cryptocurrency exchanges
    • Orderbook cryptocurrency exchanges
    • p2p/Ads based crypto exchanges

    User to admin/OTC crypto exchanges:

    User to admin crypto exchanges allows the crypto traders to bulk-buy cryptocurrencies from the admin without any hassle. There are certain crypto traders who prefer this type of cryptocurrency exchange. If you are willing to start an OTC based cryptocurrency exchange, then you can use a coinbase clone script. It is designed and developed focussing on the exact business model of the coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

    Orderbook cryptocurrency exchanges

    Order book crypto exchanges are more common than the other types. This commonness is due to the magnificent cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance being a leading order book based cryptocurrency exchange has been offering innovative features to attract more potential crypto traders. They are achieving it. So opting a crypto exchange business model like binance could lead you to a gate of business opportunities. Similar to Binance clone script, you can choose other order book clone scripts like WazirX, Poloniex or Kraken.

    P2P cryptocurrency exchanges

    Generally, p2p cryptocurrency exchanges are popular because of their security and peer-to-peer transaction methods. There is a huge market especially for the peer to peer crypto exchanges. No wonder cryptopreneurs are willing to launch a p2p crypto exchanges. If you are willing to launch a p2p crypto exchange, then you can opt for Localbitcoins clone script, paxful clone script or remitano clone script.

    So what next?

    The next big step is choosing your suitable p2p cryptocurrency exchange script provider. Because if you have chosen a cheap clone script provider, your crypto exchange could end up with a big mess. So, it is essential that you choose a suitable and a reliable p2p crypto exchange script provider. While speaking of p2p cryptocurrency exchange scripts, you might have to consider various factors like the quality of the script, portfolio, ratings, reviews and the years of experience in the field.

    I found a curated list of top p2p crypto exchange script providers. From which you can choose one of your suitable cryptocurrency exchange script providers. While I was evaluating that list, I found coinsqueens most promising. As they are in the crypto exchange development industry with a majestic portfolio of 50+ crypto exchange projects. They have been doing a great job helping crypto startups and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs with high-end p2p cryptocurrency exchange scripts. Their exchange scripts are 100% customisable, feature-filled and are ready to get deployed.

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