What are the benefits and security features of LocalBitcoins clone script?

  • LocalBitcoins

    Localbitcoin is a decentralized peer-2-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform where people could exchange their currency where they can choose their payment method for buying and selling the cryptocurrency

    LocalBitcoins clone script

    LocalBitcoins clone script, is a readymade decentralized peer-2-peer crypto exchange script which incorporates the exact twin of the original localbitcoins exchange software which can 100% customized as per your requirements that has the similar features as dispute resolution, matching engine and much more which is reliable for the users

    Lets us discuss about the benefits and security features of the localBitcoins clone script,

    Benefits of localBitcoins clone script:

    100% open source code
    Various trading option
    Customizable software
    Mobile friendly pages
    Responsive web design
    High scalability
    Multiple compatibility

    Security Features of localBitcoins clone script:

    Two factor authentication
    KYC/AML verification
    Secured Escrow management
    SQL injection prevention
    Data encryption
    Anti denial of service

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