CryptoGalaxy Tutorial — Guide for beginners

  • We would like to welcome all the space explorers that have joined the CryptoGalaxy community and started the exploration of the vast space.

    CryptoGalaxy is the worlds first virtual universe powered by the blockchain technology. Game is available in its open-beta version for Android and iOS users.

    CryptoGalaxy presents a virtual mining experience where every explorer can set on a journey and use the GalaBot to dig minerals on the planets in the game. Those minerals can then be converted into Gala in the GalaxyEX. Gala is the token that is the fuel of the whole Galaxy planet ecosystem.

    Every week, new batch of 40 planets is released and available for purchase in exchange for Gala tokens. So far, all the planets were sold within a few seconds.

    How to start?

    · Go to:

    · Download the dApp for your iOS or Android smartphone

    For Iphone users:

    After app is downloaded to your home screen, go to settings-general-device management-click “trust this app”(TOP LTD TOV), the app will work then.


    If you are having problems downloading app on Android, please download directly from this link:

    Create a new account:

    After dApp is downloaded to your smartphone, you need to register a new account:

    · Click Register

    · Fill out the required fields

    · Don**‘**t use Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook email (they tend to block the confirmation email)

    · Don**‘**t forget your password, you cannot change or retreive it later

    After registration is confirmed, check your provided email account and confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email.

    Go back to the dApp and simply login using the chosen email and password.

    In-game FAQ

    How do I start mining/digging?

    Simply click on the “discover “ tab, find a planet and click on it. Once you are on a specific planet page, click on “Dig“ button, choose your robot and click “Start working“. Your GalaBot is now digging on the planet you chose. To claim minerals, click on a red dot that will appear hovering above the planet surface.

    How can I buy a planet?

    A batch of 40 planets is released once a week. In order to buy a planet you must own sufficient amount of Gala tokens and transfer them to the game before the planet sale starts.

    Go to “Discover — New“ once the new planets are released, choose one and click buy. You need to be very fast and skilled since all of the planets so far were sold out in a matter of seconds.

    Planet sale starts when the weekly target blockcheight is reached. You can see the countdown in the “New Planets“ tab.

    Pro Tip: When the target block height is reached, click no “Conquered“ tab and “New“ tab again to refresh.

    How can I get enough Gala to buy a planet?

    At the moment, Gala is not listed on any exchange yet. There were 2 Gala airdrops in March: all ZPT holders received Gala for every ZPT holding in the wallet. There is no way to get Gala other than digging in the game.

    We don’t recommend buying Gala OTC as there were a few scams in the past.

    How else can I earn Gala in the game?

    1. By clicking on a Daily Checkin mission, you can collect 1 Gala daily.

    2. Invite friends to join the game, receive 1 Gala for anyone that will register with your invite code.

    What is the difference between the 3 mining machines?

    There are currently 3 different mining bots in the game:

    1. GalaBot: each player in entitled to a free Basic GalaBot. It can dig the primary mineral in the game — Glore. GalaBot has a mining capacity of 30 minerals and has to be emptied after to continue digging. 100 Glore minerals can be converted to 7 Gala tokens in GalaxyEX

    2. Grubber: price for this Beryl mineral digging robot is 160 Gala tokens. Grubber has a mining capacity of 15 minerals. 100 Beryl minerals will bring you 15 Gala tokens in the GalaxyEX

    3. Whale: this powerful robot will cost you 2500 Gala. Whale will help you dig Saphire, with the mining capacity of 10 minerals. 100 Saphire minerals are worth 30 Gala in the GalaxyEX.

    By owning 3 different diggers, you can dig on 3 planets simultaneously and earn much more Gala in the process. Just don**‘**t forget to claim the minerals and empty the diggers.

    What is GalaxyEX?

    GalaxyEX is a virtual mineral exchange platform where you can easily exchange your minerals to Gala tokens and see how much you have actually collected. Note that 15% of minerals digged on other peoples planets belong to that planet owner and will be deducted once exchanged.

    How can I send Gala to my account in CryptoGalaxy?

    Click on a Helmet icon in the top left corner. Click on a Recharge button. You will see an address of your Galaxy wallet. Copy the address and send Gala to the address from your NEO wallet.

    Note: the displayed address doesn’t show all the digits in the address. Once copied, all the characters will be included.

    Tip: Send a small amount of Gala first to confirm the address.

    Once Gala is sent to the game, wait a few minutes and click Refresh at the same page. Your balance will increase once Gala has arrived in your in-game wallet.

    This tutorial only includes current features and functions already implemented in CryptoGalaxy game. For more details and timeline of future updates, please refer to this article:

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