Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.05.28

  • Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.05.28 -Platform Technology Upgrade, Storage Injection Vulnerability Statement

    Major Company Updates

    Ahead of Schedule: Platform Technology Upgrade

    Our research platform has undergone a major upgrade, switching to a Python and Django-based system, to improve the user experience — a full five weeks ahead of the original Q2 end date! New features include a design face-lift and new tagging system for easier searching and filtering. In addition, the upgrade will increase productivity for research analysts, with automatic and consistent tagging, a new internal workflow board, and increased system performance. The switch to a new technology stack allows us to easily incorporate research from outside contributors and add critical features needed for blockchain and RPX integration.

    RPX Storage Injection Vulnerability Statement

    Recently, a storage injection vulnerability was found in the NEP-5 based token. The Red Pulse team has analyzed the issue and has reached the following conclusions:

    1. The attacker (sender) would have needed to burn his own RPX tokens to change the status of the Total Supply, but this would only change the show value without actual changing the actual Total Supply. The RPX sent by the attacker would eventually be burned.
    2. Changing the status of the Total Supply has no impact on the actual supply and circulation of RPX. Our team has developed a script to keep any unintended changes in sight and provide the accurate supply via a public API.
    3. All RPX holders accounts are safe; no transactions are affected.

    Please check for more details on our blog: and don’t hesitate to ask questions in our social media channels.

    Spotcoin Airdrop Promotion Review

    Red Pulse is pleased to announce that the Spotcoin airdrop promotion has been successfully completed! 100,000 SPOT tokens had been distributed to RPX holders who have completed the registration on a first come, first-served basis and it ran out within 20 hours.

    We would like to convey our appreciation to all RPX holders who participated in this promotion, and offer our congratulations to everyone who will receive their tokens soon!

    Please don’t worry if you can’t see any SPOT tokens in your wallet right now, winners will receive airdrops when the Spotcoin’s public sale ends.

    Events Review

    Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan

    CEO Jonathan Ha attended the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan on May 17. vThe agenda focused on the several global topics of ensuring balanced economic growth. Among these, Jonathan was on panel discussion on “Future Money” titled “A New Image of Financial Exchange: How Financial Platforms are Transforming”, shared insights on new financial systems and platforms.

    Reach China Investment Conference in Shanghai

    Co-Founder, Head of Data Stanley Chao presented at Reach China Investment Conference in Shanghai on May 22, he was on the panel titled: “Global Investment Insights on China’s Potential”, and discussed China’s capital and investment market of today and future.

    Upcoming Event

    Digital wealth Forum Asia, June 21

    Co-Founder and Head of Data Stanley Chao will present at Digital Wealth Forum Asia in Singapore on June 21, he will be invited to the panel discussion called “Demystifying all the hype”.

    Find more details in here:

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