A major leap forward for Zeepin -What you can expect in Q3?

  • Progress achieved (Q1 and Q2)

    To all Zeepiners

    All the Zeepiners around the world, thank you for being most supportive through all the time. As you may have noticed, Zeepin has been mainly focusing on the strengthening of its ecosystem, maintenance of the community, expansion of partnerships and orchestration of its two customized chains — Zeepin Chain & Galaxy Chain(one is a consortium chain designed for creative industries and the other is an independent public chain designed for entertainment industries )during the past Q1 and Q2.

    As being one of the core dApps of Zeepin ecosystem, ZeeWallet has completed an array of core functionalities as well as the first round of internal testing; The launch of CryptoGalaxy Beta 1.0, a pan-entertainment application powered by blockchain on Galaxy Chain, has attracted over 4300 users from more than 100 countries who have been actively engaged in all CryptoGalaxy-related activities. Moreover, what made April 23 a big day to remember for Zeepin was its first-ever meetup successfully being held in Korea — all the progress of Zeepin was face-to-face shared with investors and crypto fans. On the heel of this meetup, On May 1, Zeepin teamed up with Design Beijing for throwing the “Reshape & New life”design forum by inviting a number of well-known designers in a move to explore the way of efficient, smart and creative work.

    What you can expect in the coming quarter:

    To keep the momentum going, Zeepin will continue to reinforce its ecosystem. On one hand, development team is working day and night for the launch of ZeeWallet Beta, ZeeRights Beta, ZeeSure Beta and ZeeCreate in the upcoming months while MainNet is expected to be officially launched in August. Here is a schedule you can refer to:

    On the other hand, Zeepin’s meetups will stretch out to more countries , including Singapore, USA, the Netherlands, Korea,etc in the months to come, to help Zeepin team more actively interact with Zeepiners in its community. It’s a good way for them to have in-depth understanding of what exactly Zeepin is doing and the progress of its ecosystem. In addition to the global reach, Zeepin is also attaching increasing importance to the maintenance and expansion of Chinese community. From now on, more domestic meetups will be planned to take place in the bustling cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,etc. All these moves will contribute hugely to strengthen the ecosystem of Zeepin.

    It’s the joint effort and contribution from every one in Zeepin community that nurtures a powerful and sound ecosystem. To make this happen, Zeepin will be holding “Zeepin Global Community DevCon” in Q4 to draw more creative minds, tech-savvy developers, and professionals from related industries who can shed a light on a sustainable creative ecosystem that will benefit users from around the world.

    Thanks again for all the trust and support. Please stay tuned with Zeepin for more news and activities.

    ZEEPIN Operating Team

    May, 2018


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