Zeepin Community Contribution Program — Become our ambassador

  • Warm hello to all the Zeepiners,

    In the light of building a platform to embrace the positive impacts of decentralization in the creative industry, we would like to involve every member of Zeepin community to become an active part of our Zeepin family and join us on the road to success.

    Creativity is a very complex term that can be understood and defined in many different ways. Unlike many educational institutions nowadays, Zeepin fully supports any effort of letting your creative side go wild. We would like to challenge you to show us your talent and to express your thoughts and ideas throughout and beyond our community. Let your works speak for you.

    We are launching a fresh Community Contribution Program and would like to invite anyone to join Zeepin team as an ambassador of our project and help us present Zeepin to the world.

    We are aware of the importance of influencer marketing and we believe that anyone can be an influencer in their own way. As Zeepin investors and supporters, you know more about the project than anyone else, making you the most valuable influencer out there. We would like to find individuals that will help us by creating a high quality original content to build excitement and interest for Zeepin and help us attract new potential users of Zeepin platform.

    Strong community is the ground stone of every successful project and only with your help we can achieve maximum progress on every step of development. As investors and Zeepin project enthusiasts, you would be presenting Zeepin inside and outside of our community and being rewarded for your hard work.

    We have listed several activities that you can take a part of:

    1. Content creation:

    This includes:

    · Articles

    · Graphics (design, posters, infographics, meme, GIF, stickers etc.)

    · Videos (Zeepin review, interview, animation etc.)

    2. Referrals

    Do you know any influential people in creative/design/blockchain industry field? Connect us with reputable journalists, editors and publishers that are willing to present Zeepin to their audience, we will provide a finder’s fee in case content is published. This includes following professionals:

    · Bloggers

    · Journalists

    · Youtubers (more than 500 subscribers)

    · Social media influencers (more than 1000 followers)

    · Offline media publishers (newspaper/radio/TV journalists, editors)

    3. Custom cooperation

    Do you have an idea and ability to help us beyond the before mentioned? Contact us and we can discuss and evaluate your idea.

    Content requirements and reward system

    As for referrals and custom cooperation program goes, reward will be determined on a case-by-case basis with Anze (email to [email protected] or via Telegram: @AnzeNocZeepin https://t.me/AnzeNocZeepin) after all the facts are presented.

    Participation Requirements:

    1. Must be a ZPT holder (own at least 1000 ZPT)

    2. Must be familiar with Zeepin core goals, products and services

    3. Original content (no copy/paste, no copyright misuse)

    4. High quality content (correct use of English or use of any other native language, truthful, aligned with company values and goals)

    5. Do not SPAM or create offensive content in any way

    6. Present a plan for content creation and distribution (in case we don‘t distribute ourselves)

    7. Apply for the program to Anze and discuss the scope of your planned contribution (email, full name, occupation, relation to Zeepin, NEO wallet address, contribution plan)

    8. Create a report of your activities that should include links to posts, article publication etc. and submit it to Anze for evaluation

    9. Follow requirements in the table above for each program; failure to follow those requirements or acting without pre-approval will result in disqualification from the program

    Please note that this is not a bounty program and only participants that will present true value will be entitled for incentives. Every plan needs to be assesed and confirmed by Anze before the publication.

    How to apply?

    Send the following information: email, full name, occupation, NEO wallet address, proof of ZPT balance and a contribution plan.

    To Anze on Telegram: @AnzeNocZeepin (https://t.me/AnzeNocZeepin)

    Or email: [email protected]

    After application, you will discuss the plan and scope of your contribution with Anze before the approval.

    For any supportive material (graphics, videos, more information about Zeepin etc.) please contact Anze directly and he will help to provide anything you need.

    Your contribution will be evaluated on a case-by-case basic, rewards will be sent to your NEO wallet address within a week after the contribution program is concluded.

    Program will last for 1 month:

    Wednesday, May 23rd — Saturday, June 23rd.

    By applying for this program, you give Zeepin a right to use your content for promotional purposes with the tribute to the author.

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