Cosmecoin INSANITY Airdrop 22nd May

  • Cosmecoin (COSX) is a reward based ERC20 token, which underpins a decentralized ecosystem within the Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery industries. COSX tokens are rewarded to those who engage with the platform (e.g. leaving feedback about a doctor), and can be redeemed for products, services, or fiat.

    Airdrop opens on 22nd May 2018 and will only be open for 48 HOURS! Sign up now to get access to this limited time airdrop!

    Airdrop standard reward: 270 COSX worth $10.

    Airdrop INSANITY reward: 1350 COSX worth $50.

    For more information, go to:

    How to join?

    1. Go to the Cosmecoin Insanity airdrop sign up form.

    2. Fill in your details (incl. ETH address).

    3. Complete airdrop requirements (incl. following our social media accounts, etc.).

    4. Refer two friends via form.

    5. Submit form.

    Airdrop COSX tokens will be issued at the end of the ICO.

  • Nice Airdrop!!!