CryptoGalaxy Update 丨May 19

  • Since Beta1.0 of CryptoGalaxy has launched, we have been conducting a small trial run in the community. Explorers from over 100 countries have joined and 40 planets released every week were conquered within seconds. It was beyond expectation heated. We have received lots of professional advice from the players and we appreciate that! The dev team have been continually working on the optimization in order to ensure a fast iteration.

    Major Highlights of CryptoGalaxy 1.4

    1. Galabots Unlocked

    Two brand new Galabots are officially unlocked! To balance the game. Players can unlock a new bot by spending a fair amount of Gala. New bots will have better attributes in mining — faster productivity, larger capacity and new mineral detection!

    2. New Minerals- Beryl and Saphire

    As being said, there will be 7 Galabots in total, which corresponds to 7 types of minerals. Therefore, there will be a new type of mineral on your planet after each Galabot is unlocked. Every mineral has different exchange rate to Gala.

    3. GalaxyEX — Time to store some minerals!

    We have received some feedback from testers that collected minerals shouldn’t be converted into Gala right away since the exchange rate is not clear enough. According to that advice, we decided to launch GalaxyEX.

    In Beta 1.4, mineral collecting will be separated from gala exchange. Players can store some minerals first then exchange Gala in GalaxyEX at a better price.

    It’s only the beginning for CryptoGalaxy at the moment and going to be more fun in the time to come.


    Unlock Planet Technology

    ZPT lockup on your planet to increase your technology power! March on to the leaderboard!

    Galabot Skill Upgrade

    Upgrade the mining skill of your Galabot with Gala for more balance!

    Galaxy Wallet Function

    Store ZPT to earn Gala in your account!


    Launch Planet Discovery

    Players are guessing why the spaceship is flying in circles around their planets. It’s a ship that you can add fuel and ride to discover the universe! Take a ride and a chance to discover an uninhabited planet and conquer it.

    The planet you randomly discovered would be either Consensus Planet (which can mine and have the qualification for consensus selection) and Minor Planet

    Unlock Planet Trade

    GalaxyEx will launch “Planet Trade” in July! Anyone can buy or sell a planet in the marketplace. Another hint, planets in the future are not just about mining but more functions and benefits!