Red Pulse RPX Token is Secure

  • Dear Red Pulse Community,

    As NEO has just announced (, a “storage injection vulnerability” was identified yesterday that impacts many NEP-5 based tokens.

    We want to reassure our community that the RPX token falls into Category 1: Limited risk. What this means is that a malicious person could potentially spend RPX to increase the reported variable TotalSupply, but without an actual increase in the RPX supply. We consider this to be of minimal risk and impact for several reasons:

    1. The attacker would have to spend RPX, but would not receive any benefit in return. No RPX tokens would accrue to the attacker. In fact, the RPX spent by the attacker would essentially be “burned”.

    2. Changing the variable TotalSupply has no actual impact on the real supply and circulation of RPX. This variable was for ease of publishing the supply of RPX. Red Pulse team will develop a simple script that watches for any unintended change to this variable, and provide the accurate supply via public API.

    All RPX tokens are safe. No wallets or transactions are impacted now and in the future, and users can continue to transact and hold RPX without issue.

    As always, we are available to answer any and all questions via our main social media channels: Telegram ( and Reddit (

    Thank you for your continued support of Red Pulse and RPX. You are what makes our platform possible, and we are extremely excited to launch our new tokenized research ecosystem later this year, which will coincide with staking of RPX on the new platform.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Jonathan Ha & Stanley Chao
    Founders, Red Pulse

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