Zeepin Report— Activities in April and what is coming in May

  • April was a very busy and exciting month for Zeepin with numerous activities and development milestones for Zeepin and our community. As market is starting to wake up from its winter sleep, so is Zeepin.

    There have been many requests for specific dates of our future announcements and exchange listings along with new partnership announcements and development milestones. We are working hard to present every activity or progress that was promised in time. As you all have noticed by now, timing is key in this volatile market and needs to be supported by carefully timed and executed activities and announcements to achieve the best possible income.

    You can rest assured that we are following a strategy that reflects the interests of the whole community. We are here for the long run and this is just the beginning of a interesting and exciting story. In order to accomplish what is planned, we strive to create the environment for a steady and long-term growth. There are many pleasant surprises that are yet to be shown and we are certain that your patience will be well paid off.

    CryptoGalaxy 2 rounds of closed-beta test

    April started with the first round of closed-beta test of our CryptoGalaxy dApp that was reserved for VIP participants and was followed by second round a few days later. Their contributions and feedback helped us a lot to promote CryptoGalaxy to a wider circle of players and to improve the game before the release of the open beta version. Here are some of the contributions from our community:


    Where da party at!? At Cryptolee's 24/7 DISCO PLANET! ✨ Where there speakers are pumping and the $GALA is being mined ✔️ Free booze for everybody! ___ $ZPT $Neo #CryptoGalaxy #Bitcoin https://t.co/GIh0NQBSLX

    — @CryptoLeee

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    Zeepin Seoul Meetup

    Meanwhile, the whole team was very busy with preparation of Zeepin’s first ever meetup that was held in Seoul on April 23rd. We were delighted to see that almost 200 investors and supporters joined us.

    Launch of Zeepin Chain and Galaxy Chain testnet

    One of the big news at the meetup was definitely the launch of Zeepin Chain and Galaxy Chain testnet that is being developed in cooperation with Ontology team. Mainnet will be released in 3 months. Blockchain explorer is already active and both chains have been extensively tested: http://explorer.zeepin.io/

    Launch of CryptoGalaxy open-beta version

    Last but not least, CryptoGalaxy mobile dApp for iOS and Android users was officially launched in its public beta version and has already attracted almost 3000 explorers. So far only 80 planets have been released, new batch is coming on Monday.

    ZeeWallet closed-beta test

    User interface and functionalities for ZeeWallet are in the last stage of development and will be presented to 10 chosen beta testers in the upcoming days. With their help we will be able to improve and upgrade its appearance and functionalities. ZeeWallet is being tested on Zeepin Chain testnet and will be released for public once mainnet is released.

    We know that you are very curious what we have prepared for May and here is just a sneak peak of what you can expect:

    • New Exchange

    • New Partnership announcement

    • ZeeRights first beta version

    • First major update of CryptoGalaxy

    • More technical details about mainnet to be released

    • New marketing activities

    • Hard work from Zeepin team

    • Expansion of Zeepin team

    We are very happy and grateful for all the support and love you have been giving us.

    Join our channels for new announcements and join the discussions:


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