Qlink Bi-Weekly Report — #007 Qlink visits Europe, US and Vietnam


    Qlink, a decentralized mobile network, is dedicated to constructing an open-source telecom infrastructure on blockchain.


    WinQ Continues on NEO Testnet

    After extensive consultation with our development team, business team and with careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the migration to the Mainnet.

    After talking to many users and newcomers to WinQ and crypto, we realized that moving WinQ to NEO mainnet most certainly will create an access barrier. Non-QLC & non-NEO holders will most likely decide to wait until the user adoption has grown to the early majority phase. This will most likely slow down the constant growth we are having today, meaning slowing down our innovation cycle and slowing down the learning cycle for us and the users.

    Google Play: http://bit.ly/winqgoogle

    WinQ iOS Version is under Internal Testing

    The team is working tirelessly to bring WinQ into as many people’s lives as we can. We look forward to expanding our WinQ user base to include all mobile users, and at the same time to popularize the idea of a network sharing economy to a broader group of users.

    2018.04.28 WinQ dApp 1.1.8 on Github

    What’s new: New fingerprint unlock wallet function

    The Google play version will be updated later this week.



    DO NOT send any QLC/NEO from your wallet on the main net to the WinQ in-app wallet! WinQ Wallet only accept QLC/NEO on the NEO TESTNET! Please be reminded we will NOT be liable for your loss in the process.


    NEO European Tour — April 2018

    Qlink representative Toya Zhang joined NEO European tour in April and visited Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and Zurich, introducing Qlink ecosystem and the first dApp WinQ to the audience. Most importantly, Toya elaborated the WiFi based anonymous chat room function inbuilt in WinQ.

    WinQ facilitated venue’s WiFi connection, at the same time, hosted the on-site chat room for audiences to exchange ideas. Watch the full presentation in Amsterdam here:


    In addition, Toya has met Qlink supporters in each cities, discussing potential opportunities for WinQ adoption in each specific market. The city ambassador program keeps running.


    On April 14–15, Susan Zhou attended two conferences organised by International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS) which were held at Harvard University and MIT respectively.

    IDEAS aims to build a data science hub to connect real-world knowledge and provide robust resources for business leaders, professionals, academics and promising students to thrive in this field.

    The theme for the conference in Harvard is “Technology. Innovation. Career.” Its goal is to create a cross-campus data science learning platform and bring together business and academic leaders, young professionals, entrepreneurs and promising students. Qlink is honored to share working applications built on top of blockchain technology and exchange ideas with attendees.

    Event at MIT gathered blockchain enthusiasts , covering topics including industry trend, real word application, open source software, solution based case study and many others. Susan presented the latest version of WinQ and highlighted the P2P account sharing protocol achieved by Qlink R&D team. https://www.ideassn.org/boston-2018/blockchainfest/

    WinQ Local Telegram Groups

    With the increasing number of WinQ users, we are glad to create WinQ local groups for better communication and user feedback collection. All WinQ users are welcome to join! Please contact @didoMa if you are volunteer to set up a WinQ local group with us.

    WinQ Australia — https://t.me/Winqataustralia

    WinQ Canada — https://t.me/winqcanada

    WinQ India — https://t.me/winqindia

    WinQ Malaysia — https://t.me/winqatmalaysia

    WinQ Turkey — https://t.me/winqturkey

    WinQ US — https://t.me/winqus

    Qlink is hiring — Community/User Growth Specialist

    We’re looking for a Community/User Growth Specialist to join our team and help us to convey the value of WinQ in ways that deeply resonate with our users. Please send your CV to [email protected] if you are interested in this position. We look forward you to joining the team!

    New Exchange — Qlink listed on Switcheo Exchange

    Qlink (QLC) is listed on Switcheo Exchange on 9 April. Users can trade QLC with NEO, GAS and SWH instantly. Switcheo is a decentralised exchange.

    #1 WinQ AMA Live Streaming

    WinQ was available for all android users to download on Google play from April 4th. Qlink Dido and Toya gave us a wonderful AMA live streaming regarding WinQ dApp questions from Reddit.


    2018.04.21–23 Qlink Vietnam Visit

    Qlink team visited TomoChain team in HaNoi. We shared views about blockchain technology and dApp. Qlink is more than glad to see the prosperity of the blockchain industry in Vietnam. Look forward to the next visit.


    2018.05.14–16 Consensus 2018

    Qlink team will join the Consensus 2018, the 4th annual blockchain technology summit in New York. We prepare some excited news for you, our supporters. Don’t miss this big event!



    QLC is currently trading on https://www.binance.com, https://www.kucoin.com/, https://switcheo.exchange/, https://gate.io/and https://www.tidebit.com/. More exchanges are under negotiation, stay tuned!


    A complete project analyze by one of Qlinkers, Dude


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