Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.05.02 — Major Company Updates, Events

  • Major Company Updates

    Inroads into Japan

    To grow our awareness and better serve our Japan community, Red Pulse has created an official channel on Telegram! In just a few days, our community has grown to over 600.

    To join our Japan Telegram channel, please see:

    Red Pulse Office Warming Party

    Red Pulse has settled down in a new office with a larger and sunnier environment. To celebrate this milestone in company’s growth and development, we will host our office warming party on next week with our fantastic partners and supporters.

    Team Growth

    The team is constant expanding, and we’ve recently brought on seven software engineers, UI/UX designers, finance, accounting, and HR staff.

    We are always on the lookout for talented individuals:

    Events Review

    NEO Vienna Meetup & Workshop

    Director of Engineering Chris Hager hosted a hands-on developer workshop on “Smart Contract Programming with Python” during the NEO Europe Tour in Vienna on April 24.

    Blockchain Universe: Successful ICO in Taiwan

    CEO Jonathan Ha and Co-founder Stanley Chao were invited to Blockchain Universe: Successful ICO event in Taiwan as a keynote speaker on April 27.

    Jonathan shared Red Pulse’s experiences over the last year and outlined the vision for RPX in a research ecosystem.



    Upcoming Events

    Block O2O Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong, May 8

    CEO Jonathan Ha will present at Block O2O Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong on May 8. Many blockpreneurs, financiers, tokenomists, regulators, and visionaries will attend, with other speakers from 30 countries to share their thoughts on blockchain and crypto.

    Learn more:

    Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan, May 17

    CEO Jonathan Ha will give a keynote presentation at Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan on May 17. This is Red Pulse’s first time in Central Asia! Jonathan will be on a panel titled, “A New Image of Financial Exchange: How Financial Platforms are Transforming.”

    Find more details in here:

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