Switching WinQ to NEO Mainnet postponed (and an exciting announcement)

  • The WinQ app has now been operational for over a month and we have accumulated a significant number of users and supporters. Thank you very much for your support, we’d never would have been where we are today without each and everyone of you! We previously introduced plans to migrate from the NEO Testnet to the NEO Mainnet before the end of April.

    After extensive consultation with our development team, business team and with careful consideration, we have decided to delay the migration to the Mainnet for the following reasons:

    1.The current release and backend of WinQ is on NEO testnet.
    Testnet implicates that the token of value, testnet QLC is free to obtain and risk free to use. Meaning that becoming a new users is risk free and a positive leverage for user base growth.

    2. Today is a time that WinQ is largely harvesting new users.
    Since the launch, WinQ has been downloaded around 3,000 times. Over 230 VPN and 500 WiFi registrations have been counted. We believe there are ways for more growth to come, and this is just the beginning.

    The users of WinQ today are mainly innovators — whereas early adopters await. WinQ, with its real use case introduces new people to the crypto world, expanding the user base to popularize token economy.

    3. After talking to manny users and newcomers to WinQ and crypto, we realized that moving WinQ to NEO mainnet most certainly will create an access barrier. Non-QLC & non-NEO holders will most likely decide to wait until the user adoption has grown to the early majority phase. This will most likely slow down the constant growth we are having today, meaning slowing down our innovation cycle and slowing down the learning cycle for us and the users.

    4. We believe that the best strategy at this current stage is maintaining the operation of WinQ at the NEO testnet. These are the benefits:

    • Risk free and free of charge usage:
      We will keep dropping 1 testnet NEO to every new registered wallet so that users can register their WiFi/VPN for free and enjoy the WiFi/VPN services for free.
    • By keeping WinQ on the NEO Testnet we aim to invite more people into the NEO ecosystem and, for the time being, sponsor their usage of our WiFi/VPN sharing services.
    • We can continue to experiment with new features. Everyone will benefit from this in the short run.

    Security is our priority

    With continuous testing and development, the stability of the WinQ dApp has been improved significantly. By remaining on the Testnet we will have further opportunities to refine the dApp through user feedback. While we won’t have any technical difficulties in switching to the NEO Mainnet, we prefer to move WinQ when we can be sure there will be zero transaction issues. This will ensure the smoothest possible transition for our users.

    You can earn the real thing, we reward engaged users with real QLC

    WinQ has provided an opportunity for VPN builders and WiFi sharers to benefit and obtain economic profit. We have rewarded over 1,800 QLC to 6 community members who made money on selling their internet services. Building an incentive mechanism for people to share their extra network capabilities has always been our main goal, we will continue converting users’ NEO testnet earnings to mainnet. Even we don’t switch to mainnet at this moment, the reward program carries on as usual.

    Please closely follow our social media channels, Qlink is frequently asking qualified asset owners to claim their earnings.

    An exciting announcement

    Last but not least, we have some exciting news. The iOS version of WinQ is currently under internal testing. The team is working tirelessly to bring WinQ into as many people’s lives as we can. We look forward to expanding our WinQ user base to include all mobile users, and at the same time to popularize the idea of a network sharing economy to a broader group of users.