ZeeWallet is coming soon

  • — Recruit first batch of users for 24-hour close testing

    April 23rd is a big day to remember for Zeepin team — the world’s first virtual space-themed entertainment application, Crypto Galaxy, was launched on its first-ever meetup in Korea. It has gained tremendous popularity and a well-known figure in Korean crypto community, Spunky Hwang, was passionately making a live broadcast about the meetup. First batch of 40 planets were sold out in a sec while 2500 invitation codes were snapped up short after the launch of Crypto Galaxy. During the past 4 days, 2350 players from 85 countries have spent an amazing time exploring the planets with digging out 55,000 Gala, which is phenomenal. What you can expect behind the momentous numbers is substantial value.

    On the heels of this grant event, Glave Hill, a brilliant tech team from Zeepin community, is ready to share another piece of thrilling news after months of dedication to developing one of core applications under Zeepin ecosystem — ZeeWallet is going to make its debut soon. ZeeWallet plays a vital role in Zeepin ecosystem, which allows users to manage the private key applied to their digital assets in Zeepin. With the help of ZeeWallet, users are able to make transaction, keep track of change in assets and market trends. Besides, the next iteration of ZeeWallet is expected to interconnect with more dApps in Zeepin and execute smart contract. It aims to be user-friendly and provide intelligent and transparent service for users to manage their digital assets.

    We’ve got Clave Hill Team on board

    To customize ZeeWallet and put users first, Zeepin are recruiting 10 users from around the world to participate in close testing. Please kindly refer to the following:

    How to apply: Please send an email themed by“Apply for the first-round close testing of ZeeWallet”to:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    This email shall include your name, country,type of work, occupation and describe whether or not you have similar testing experience.

    We will choose 10 applicants on a random basis as the first-batch users of close testing of ZeeWallet and send them the testing link accordingly. The result will be released on the official social media of Zeepin.

    Time: From April 29,20:00 pm (Beijing Time) to May 2,20:00 pm (Beijing Time)

    Tasks: Complete the 24-hour close testing of ZeeWallet that will be led by Glave Hill. Please share your feedback with us;

    Notes: During the close testing, ZPT transaction shall run under TestNet

    Exclusive rewards: Those who are chosen to participate in close testing and submit their feedback will be rewarded with 1000ZPT +2000Gala!

    Are you ready to experience ZeeWallet ahead of others? Come and join us! Send us application email now! Please follow us for more products testing to come!

    Website: https://www.zeepin.io/