CryptoGalaxy Closed-beta Test Report

  • April 5 to 9 — “VIP Beta Testing”

    First two weeks of April, the news of recruiting CryptoGalaxy closed-beta testers was spreading all over the internet. Lots of discussions have been heated in crypto world, users kept talking abou it on social media like Telegram, FB and Twitter! Many people have come up with great reviews, feeback and sugguestions about the playing method, interface style and ecology development, giving free rein to their thoughts.

    CryptoGalaxy is the first game dApp developed by ZeepinChain and the first virtual universe on blockchain. It’s honoured as one of the most worth expecting blockchain games in 2018! The dev team are so prudent to reveal the details that many investors and medias had to discover all about this game like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    From April 5 to 8, 30 VIP beta testers from all over the world experienced the CryptoGalaxy for the first time and gave valuable advice. We have collected those feebacks and fixed some bugs in the every first phase in order to make better experience for the second round of beta testing on April 16.

    Oh don't mind me.. Just walking on my $ZPT planet. Watcha gunna do today? #CryptoGalaxy release this month! ___ $Neo $Gala $Btc $Alts

    — @twitter

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    April 9 to 16 — “Country Planet Petition”

    As the closed-beta test went to the second phase, a country planet petition was open on The purpose of this activity is for people to vote for the top 10 countries that will be the first batch customized planets with country features. Until now, 2073 people have voted. Top 70 signees on the sharing leaderboard will have the seats for second round of beta testing. Applying for country planets is a meaning thing, which is not only about feelings of patriotism but also about bonding the reality with virtual world and adding a sense of belonging.

    Top10 Countries

    Top 70 signees

    April 23 — Seoul Meetup

    Zeepin will host first ever meetup in Seoul on 23 April with 100 RSVP seats to ensure a high quality presentation. Ticket is already available for purchase. At the event, there will be more updates and things to share. Come join and communite with the team face to face!

    Zeepin Korea Meetup

    To purchase tickets, please visit:
    Pay with ZPT: 50 ZPT
    Pay with KRW (Korean Won): 5000KRW

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