The hidden gem in WinQ that you should explore

  • When Qlink dApp was in its infant time, even before it has the name WinQ, we released version 1.1.1 adding an instant messaging feature.

    This was our thought originally:

    The chatting functionality creates a peer-to-peer communication opportunity between the owners and users where there could be special requests, complaints, or just casual social considering both sides are pioneering in the adopting of the decentralised App.

    However, after moving to Google Play, this function was discovered to be a hidden gem and we would like to share with you and explain why it can be more than it appears.

    The owner who hosts a WiFi or VPN asset is at the same time hosting a group chat room where people can click on the message icon and join.

    WinQ IM List and chat


    Every user would be allocated a user name randomly when joining a chat room. You could be Alice, Brian, Clair, Dan, Ella or anyone.

    Bear in mind that even though there was a trend of anonymous social networking, the true anonymity has never been realised — emails, phone number or other personal details are required when registering. The reason is simple, merchants need your information to conduct remarketing, even to monetize your contact. On WinQ, all personal information are untraceable because you are in a decentralized environment.

    Location based:

    When sorting out the WiFi list, you know that people who are talking in the chat room are within the WiFi coverage range. In venues like restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, hospitals or even major events including conferences, concerts in stadiums and sports games, WinQ provides users a platform to connect and chat anonymously with other people who share the similar personal interest or geographical attribute. Why not entering the same chat room and share your opinion about the venue, the food, the game, or the speaker?

    P2P Disappearing Messenger:

    The chat contents are not stored in any server. Most fantastic part is that chatting history will disappear if the App is closed.

    The anonymous, location-based and disappearing feature embedded in WinQ provides an opportunity to express real self, share instant feelings, ask quick questions, give a genuine compliment, or confirm a legit opposition.

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