Qlink Bi-Weekly Report — #006 important updates that you shouldn’t miss


    Qlink, a decentralized mobile network, is dedicated to constructing an open-source telecom infrastructure on blockchain.


    2018.04.03 WinQ is released on Google Play which is the first dApp on NEO allowing users to earn QLC through network asset grabbing game

    Qlink is proud to bring the first dApp on NEO to Google Play which is one of the most important milestones the Qlink team has achieved! Let’s give a warm applause to Qlink R&D team!

    Have fun and make money with WinQ dApp powered by blockchain technology! Download from Google Play

    WINQ - Apps on Google Play

    To celebrate WinQ on Google Play, Qlink invites all Qlinkers to join the assets battle to make real money (QLC) through WinQ. Crypto Monopoly Rules

    2018.03.31 Qlink released WinQ dApp 1.1.2 — New Gaming Feature

    The new gaming feature — Crypto Monopoly introduces an asset ownership transfer mechanism. It allows users to claim the others’ registered network asset by paying a premium.

    2018.03.24 Qlink released dApp 1.1.1 — New IM Feature

    The new IM feature tends to facilitate connections between digital asset owner and other users. When the owner is P2P online, users can start a chat by clicking the owner’s picture. Powered by the blockchain technology, Qlink dApp provides the most secure network environment.


    DO NOT send any QLC/NEO from your wallet on the main net to the WinQ in-app wallet! WinQ Wallet only accept QLC/NEO on the TESTNET! Please be reminded we will NOT be liable for your loss in the process.


    Qlink Partners with Binance to Support BNB in Qlink Ecosystem

    Qlink team is embracing BNB into ecosystem in a variety of ways. WinQ dApp will support BNB in terms of in-app wallet and Crypto Monopoly game token. Meanwhile, new trading QLC/BNB is available in Binance.

    Qlink Partners with Binance to Support BNB in Qlink Ecosystem

    New Exchanges

    QLC is listed on Binance from 26 March with QLC/BTC and QLC/ETH trading pairs. In early April, Binance adds new trading pair QLC/BNB. In the same week, Coinnest lists QLC as the first NEP-5 token supporting QLC/KRW trading pair.

    WinQ, the new Qlink dApp name

    Qlink called for our product name to community members two weeks ago and received over 100 ideas. Thank you all again for your continuous support! At last, WinQ was the chosen one, after countless rounds of discussion, interpretation. This was proposed by our member from Reddit whose ID is @RockyrobinH.

    **Qlink City Ambassador Program — **We want you

    Qlink team is proud of the progress and would like to introduce the product to a larger group of users. We crave for local ambassadors influencers like you to boost the Qlink asset registration number and user base in your city neighbourhood.


    NEO European Tour — April 2018

    The team will join the NEO European Tour and the first stop is Amsterdam. Qlinkers from Europe, don’t miss our meetups!

    2018.04.14–15 NEO Amsterdam Conference & Hackathon

    2018.04.20 NEO Madrid Meetup

    2018.04.22 NEO Paris Meetup

    2018.04.26 NEO Zurich Meetup


    QLC is currently trading on https://www.binance.com, https://www.coinnest.co.kr/, https://www.kucoin.com/, https://gate.io/. and https://www.tidebit.com/. More exchanges are under negotiation, stay tuned!


    Qlink announces partnership with Binance and WinQ launch


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