The revenue model of Pancakeswap clone script that entrepreneurs and users should know?

  • There were four ways to make revenue for entrepreneurs

    Crypto trading fee
    Core fee
    Lottery fee

    Crypto trading fee -
    Pool reward - 0.17%
    Platform maintenance - 0.03%

    Core Fee:
    Particular BSC projects can only be listed in the syrup pool. It has two sections.

    Core- Only crypto exchange platform management will pick the projects.

    Community - Crypto exchange platform members will choose the projects.

    By charging a crypto-based charge fee admin can even charge for Binance smart chain project for listing up in the syrup pool.

    IFO- By yield farming users can earn newly introduced token. By staking them on pools users can earn rewards.

    Lottery fees- The reward of purchasing one lottery ticket is one cake token which was their native token.

    And also they get trading fees in every transaction and then fee for the token listing and also for they gain fee for every token swapping.

    Users had more ways to earn revenue and I’ll explain in steps

    Features of Pancakeswap clone:

    AMM - Automated Market Making mechanism is a mechanism that works without the mediator. No order book option in this feature.

    Integrated security pool: integrated security protocol which was used to maintain and global security protocol which was used to protect the software.

    Swapping: In this feature, there was no limit for swapping. BEP 20 token can be swapped easily and the native token can be earned

    non-fungible tokens- They can earn revenue through digital collectibles by selling their creativity in digital forms.

    Staking- Users can earn rewards in the form of other tokens by staking cake tokens.

    Lottery- users who have at least 1 cake token can participate and win the lottery

    Prediction- By predicting the range of tokens correctly user can win the lottery.

    Yield farming - Users can hold currencies and get rewards in teams of cake tokens.

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