What is SolConnect?

    Open the new world of the Decentralized Finance
    Take it another level of the Cryptocurrency Market

    Currently, DeFi has become a popular development trend in the world, even calling it the future because of its dizzying development.
    Keeping up with the pace of development and further mass adoption will require an infrastructure that can meet the growing demands of DeFi. And Solana is a blockchain platform that delivers on those conditions.
    With the results of DeFi and Solana's in-depth research and development market valuation, we built and developed a platform called SolConnect.
    SolConnect fully converges the outstanding advantages of today's cryptocurrencies and brings solutions and enhances the products and services of the DeFi platform.

    What is SolConnect?
    SolConnect is a decentralized finance platform for stablecoins, staking, and DEX on the Solana network.
    SolConnect Ecosystem is designed to provide many opportunities and benefits for investors, traders, and users to make daily profits.
    SolConnect is an extension of alternative assets on the blockchain network. SolConnect’s solid infrastructure and profit strategy bring you the best-decentralized finance experience in the world.

    Our Vision
    Our vision is to be a gold solution in the standard blockchain network in the Solana community and an approved decentralized financial market to prevent the exploitation of users' ignorance about crypto.
    We will accelerate the development of a global crypto user guide on the Solana network and the SolConnect to help users define what SolConnect has to offer easily. At the same time, creating a transaction processing system that meets all requirements on the internet is received and encrypted quickly on the blockchain network that SolConnect is using.

    Our Mission
    We strive to build SolConnect into a platform that connects all global crypto users and convert DeFi tokens into open-tokens - multi-featured to become the future development token DeFi steps into the new era of decentralized finance.

    Our Solutions
    Low fees - Fast processing speed
    Following the breakthrough in technology development from Solana Network, SolConnect builds a Blockchain Structure including Base Layer, Order Book, and Toolkit
    This structure gives SolConnect advantages in terms of transaction fees and processing speed.

    • Cheap transaction fee - 0.0015 USD.
    • Transaction processing speed, expressed in total transactions per second (TPS) with 50,000 transactions processed.
      Using PoH consensus mechanism
      Proof of History is proof of the time and sequence of events. PoH is a clock of the entire Solana Blockchain system, available and the time source is before consensus.
      Open up a new world of decentralized finance, advance to the cutting edge of the blockchain network
      We develop SolConnect to become an irreplaceable platform. And officially join the top trending cryptocurrency platforms and global leader in DeFi platforms.

    Our Ecosystem
    By staking their tokens at SolConnect, users secure the network and earn missed rewards.
    Users can stake by delegating their tokens to validators, who process transactions and run the network.
    2. SolConnect DEX
    SolConnect will bring the fastest, most secure updated DEX for high performance in the blockchain network.
    SolConnect DEX provides a unified API across blockchains, and the new integration will take minutes instead of days.
    3. Sol Wallet
    SolConnect wallet is a device or application that stores a collection of keys and can be used to send, receive, and track ownership of cryptocurrencies.

    Join Us:
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