How does ERC20 token development help in raising funds efficiently?

  • Initial Coin Offering has been in existence for some years. But it was in late 2017 when ICO had its breakthrough. Investors before that were involved in the traditional crowdfunding method. But, due to the high level of scams in that method, investors were enforced to change their methods. That is when ICO had a quantum leap. Also, it was the same time when crypto was becoming familiar across the world.

    There are several other crypto crowdfunding methods you could rely on. But ICO has something more special that might interest you as an entrepreneur. You can make your ICO more efficient by choosing the right blockchain platform and token standard. Both the blockchain platform and token standard have the capability to attract more customers.

    How to choose the suitable blockchain and token standard?
    Choosing a suitable blockchain platform won’t be a big deal. You can choose the Ethereum blockchain blindfolded. It is the second most popular blockchain platform. Also has a variety of fungible token standards - ERC20, ERC223, ERC777, and so on. Among these token standards, to be precise, among all the token standards ERC20 is the most popular standard. A stat says that almost 70% of the total tokens in the marketplace are made of ERC20 standards. This popularity will help you in attracting crypto enthusiasts who can be your potential investors. And moreover, with ERC20 token development, you avail the most valuable features of the Ethereum blockchain.

    How to create ERC20 token and where to find the best ERC20 token development company?
    As of now, you might have an idea of the essential factor for an ERC20 token development. If not for smart contract implementation then Creating one is not a big deal. Smart contracts are simple programs in blockchain that run with predetermined conditions. Smart contract implementation is written in solidity - a special language that requires the guidance of experts. Even a small error could cost you the whole project.
    It is recommendable to find an ERC20 token development company to create your tokens. But it is advisable to do some research before doing so. To avoid confusion, I’ve done some groundwork and found that Zab Technologies - a renowned blockchain development company is providing ERC20 token creation services. The interesting part here is, apart from ERC20 token development, they also provide crypto wallets suitable for your ICO to send and receive tokens. Contact them to know more.

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