Report of Zeepin’s AMA on March 30th

  • Zeepin CSO Shenbi Xu and CEO Zhu Fei

    We would like to thank anyone who participated in our Reddit AMA on March 30th.

    We gathered some of the most important and relevant questions and answers:

    • Q: When do you release galaxy chain? Please be specific about the time. Follow the roadmap, Zeewallet will be released in April, can we know the exact date? Is it true that ZPT will no longer be NEP5 token after Galaxy chain released? Do you do swap from token to coin?

    We will release Galaxy testnet in third week of April. Mainnet will be released approximately in late July/early August, once it is stable. Test version of ZeeWallet will be released along with the testnet, final version will be launched along with mainnet. ZPT will no longer be NEP5 after Galaxy chain is released and will become a coin.

    • Q: Have you got more projects planned after Galaxy? Will they have their own coins/chains also?

    We have more projects planned for the whole community. All the planned projects will be based on Zeepin Chain/Galaxy chain and will use ZPT/Gala for utility.

    • Q: I’m very interested about your take on partnerships. 1. Do you got a team actively working on creating new ones? 2. And can we expect partnerships announcement near future?

    Of course, we are actively making new partnerships and yes, you can expect new partnership announcement in the near future.

    • The Onchain underlying DNA layer. Is Onchain helping Zeepin development currently?

    Yes, we are currently working together with Ontology team (Onchain)

    • Jason Xu is the only blockchain expert on the team but he’s not on the new Zeepin website? Has he been replaced?

    Jason is of course one of the key developers of Zeepin and is still a part of the core team. We are still in transition to the new website, and will be upgraded soon with full information.

    • Will there be a Galaxy whitepaper?


    • NEO is a similar smart contract coin for asset management but Zeepin has copyright pro built in. Will you share Zeepin copyright platform with NEO?

    Zeepin’s copyright pro etc. are being built on Zeepin’s consortium chain which is independent.

    • Will all users of Arting365 join Zeepin?

    Arting365 pass will be upgraded with unified identity service, which enables all the users to enter Zeepin community and use all the DApps on our platform. We welcome all the users to benefit from the creative solutions we are going to provide for them.

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