Yearn Finance Clone script - New Gateway in DeFi Platform

  • Yearn.Finance is a set of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that permits users to optimize their returns on crypto assets through lending and trading services. There are several ways to make money from the DeFi based protocol like Yearn.Finance. They are.,

    Vaults – Vaults is the collection of investment techniques that are developed to yield the highest returns from other DeFi projects.
    Earn – It recognizes the high-interest rates users can earn by lending an asset. The tokens contain DAI, USDC, USDT, or wBTC., Earn is also a crucial building block for yVaults.
    Zap – Zap represents the tool that bundles several trades in one click, saving on labor and costs.
    Cover – Cover is a currently launched product of Yearn.Finance. Yearn obtains coverage for vaults and can deliver users a reduced-risk product.
    APY – APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield analyzes the lending protocols.

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