Simple money making rules of Crypto Monopoly — Come join us in the assets battle!

  • Come play around with WinQ dApp, try out the latest spotted gaming mechanism Crypto Monopoly! This asset claiming game is bringing about real QLC earnings to your wallet!

    WinQ was just brought in Google play. Click to download the dApp now via

    A sneak peek of the WinQ UI design!

    WinQ terms

    WinQ asset

    Registered WiFi hotspot or VPN server in the WinQ dApp

    Asset claiming Price

    QLC payment for seizing a WinQ asset from the other users


    The amount of QLC payable as a first instalment on the purchase of WinQ asset. Be aware that the deposit is not refundable if no one grabs your asset, while your QLC earnings from asset sharing could cover the deposit.

    QLC earnings

    Your QLC income from asset sharing which is readable from History Records in your wallet.

    How it works

    1. Grab a WinQ asset
    2. Pay at the asset claiming price to grab a WinQ asset from the current owner.
    3. You successfully take over the Asset ownership, and your QLC (BNB available soon) payment will be transferred to the WinQ wallet of the current owner

    To claim a WiFi asset of User A

    User B payment= X (Deposit by A) + Y (WiFI tips from WiFi sharing)

    Asset claiming price = Deposit + QLC earnings from asset usage

    As soon as you acquire a WiFi or VPN network asset, it automatically increases in price.

    Careful though! If someone else wants to grab your network asset, they can by paying the asset claiming price as specified in the equation above. You will then lose the ownership, whereas you will receive QLC payment transferred back to your crypto wallet.

    Knock at the doors of your neighbours, drop by your friends’ residences, prepare them and yourself for the unprecedented asset grabbing game!