Qlink proud to bring the first dApp on NEO to Google play

  • We are excited to announce that WinQ dApp is available in Google Play now, which is one of the most important milestones the Qlink team have achieved! Let’s give a warm applause to Qlink R&D team! And we would like to thank all the Beta testers who have taken it upon themselves to wholeheartedly support our project. The success of WinQ dApp lies in each and every one of you!


    DO NOT send any QLC/NEO from your wallet on the main net to the WinQ in-app wallet! WinQ MVP Wallet only accept QLC/NEO is on the TESTNET! Please be reminded we will NOT be reliable for your loss in the process.

    Have fun and make money with WinQ dApp powered by blockchain technology!

    Google Play link: http://bit.ly/winqgoogle

    How to use it? Watch the video here.


    What’s new about the Gaming Feature

    The new gaming feature — Crypto Monopoly introduces an asset ownership transfer mechanism. It allows users to claim the others’ registered network asset by paying a premium.

    Users can claim the asset on WinQ list by paying the equal amount earnings that the current owner has made. Every asset owner has the chance to get the future sharing earnings through this gaming feature.

    Crypto Monopoly

    For those who just started to follow Qlink and WinQ

    WinQ was bred in Github, upgraded for 12 times for the past three months before we are confident to move to Google play, to open for Beta Android users. WinQ dApp features WiFi and VPN registration as network assets on the blockchain and enables the peer-to-peer transmission.

    The wallet embedded is a one-stop hub that supports instant QLC sending and receiving, QLC transfer and QLC top-up with NEO.


    Your Testnet QLC earnings will be converted to real QLC once WinQ dApp runs on the mainnet!

    WinQ dApp is currently deployed on the NEO TESTNET. Any transfer of QLC between testnet and mainnet may result in permanent loss. WinQ dApp will be available on the MAINNET in late April and final migration will be completed at the same time.

    Don’t worry about QLC you earned in the TESTNET, since what you earn will be reflected on the mainnet! NO COST for registration, but what you earn is real! Your Testnet QLC earnings will be converted to real QLC once WinQ dApp runs on the mainnet.


    • ONE WinQ wallet for each user will be verified for QLC conversion rewards.
    • The ceiling is 300 QLC for each user.
    • The pool of QLC conversion will be shared by the first 200 WinQ users after the WinQ dApp launch on Google play.

    Claim your network assets and join us in the assets battle! Play with it now, QLC distribution is taking place very soon!