Red Pulse First Quarter 2018 Recap and Update

  • As a busy first quarter of 2018 comes to an end, we want to take time to give our community a recap and update on what we have accomplished so far and a preview of what is coming next for Red Pulse.

    To achieve our vision of an open and transparent tokenized research ecosystem, we have been focused on two major goals:

    1. Engineering and building of the platform
    2. Growing our user base of research content producers and research content consumers, which consist of financial professionals and the community of crypto enthusiasts

    To work towards accomplishing these goals, we have entered into strategic partnerships, increased awareness of our brand and services through marketing efforts, numerous exchange listings, and made great progress on the development of the platform.

    Platform Progress

    Let’s begin with the most important questions: How is our platform doing? Are we meeting our roadmap milestones?

    We posted an update several weeks ago:

    For the quarter end, we have released a video! This walk through takes a more thorough look at the new platform, including functionality, new features, admin interface, the REST API, and user experience.

    Our development team has put in a lot of hard work, from building out the backend IT infrastructure, getting the new Python and Django framework up, creating the database models, to applying the UI / UX based on wireframes and mockups. We have met the major milestones outlined in our whitepaper for the first quarter.

    Red Pulse Platform: an internal version has been released for testing.

    Current functionality of the platform includes:

    1. Ability to log in with email or Linkedin
    2. View all research reports
    3. View a specific research report
    4. Search for terms in reports
    5. Create different types of research reports, add sources, add tags, and ability to save as draft or publish.
    6. Change user settings
    7. Change account settings

    As shown in the video, all the reports and data from the platform are served with a REST API. The video shows the three different kinds of entities: Reports, Categories, and Companies, all accessible with a web-based browser or a JSON REST API. Other capabilities include getting, listing, searching, and filtering of content. Users are also able to add, update, and delete content. For the premium data feeds, we are adding more information sources and preparing a paid-for data service for potential clients.

    In the last part of the video, we wanted to show the basic Django administration panel, or how the platform interacts with the database without any major UI / UX modifications. Some advanced features already available on the admin panel, such as related reports searching and infinite number of translations, will soon be added to the UI / UX interface.

    Other Q1 roadmap proposed features:

    Synchronization of customizable research / insight feeds across web platform, mobile apps, terminals, and email newsletters

    Work on syncing our current Drupal and future Django platform is underway.

    Begin integrating RPX via NEO blockchain and Neo Contract

    The NEO blockchain integration and processing of RPX transactions is based on neo-python.

    Begin development of Cloud Event data feed, built on key words and topics generated from our machine learning and NLP algorithms

    Development is underway on adding additional translation services with our new tagging system on curated research content. The pool of sources with integrated tagging is also being expanded.

    Revamp mobile apps (iOS and Android) harmonized with new platform

    Our mobile developer & UI / UX team are working along with the Python / Django development to make sure all platforms have the same functionality and usability.

    Originally included in our roadmap was WeChat mini-app development. Development is on hold due to market size, compliance, and regulatory considerations. Also stated in our whitepaper, this is a good reminder that our roadmap is subject to change, as software development cycles and business priorities may shift. Having this flexibility of adjusting the roadmap allows us to prioritize the most pressing projects and being nimble when such circumstances arise.

    While our development team has made great progress for the first quarter, we know we have a lot more work ahead of us. We will continue the push to build an amazing and feature-rich platform. Next steps are to add more capability to the platform, tweaking features such as logging in, user and privacy settings, incorporating the feedback from the research team, and continue iterating.

    First Quarter 2018 Recap

    Exchange Listings

    RPX was listed on five exchanges this quarter — Binance, Huobi, Korea-based Coinrail, India-based bitBNS, and decentralized exchange Switcheo, bringing the total number of exchanges to eight. We are continuously in talks with exchanges to provide further accessibility to our community.


    Strategic partnerships with APEX and NEX will help us in several areas, such as technology and client services. Through our collaboration with APEX, Red Pulse will benefit from the sharing of APEX’s machine learning and natural language processing algorithms and technology. NEX, which will launch a NEO-based decentralized exchange soon, will provide fiat-to-crypto conversion directly on our platform, simplifying the payment process for research consumers and our clients.

    Conversion to Freemium

    To grow our user base of financial professionals, we opened up our current research platform with complimentary accounts to the 18 partner financial institutions that participated in the Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab, which Red Pulse participated in 2017. Our current paying subscribers have also been transitioned to the freemium model.

    Community Growth

    We have added thousands of our community, from new subscribers to our daily research emails to new members in our social media channels. We aim to create a large user base of independent research contributors, research consumers, and financial experts by increasing awareness of our research services and new platform.

    As a key market in the Asia-Pacific region, we brought on a full-time community manager focused on South Korea to help grow our brand awareness through meetups, Korea language-specific blogs, announcements, and social media channels.

    Events: Conferences and Community Meetups

    Red Pulse attended several financial and crypto-related events and conferences around the world, presenting our views and insights on a new sharing economy and our open research ecosystem. We also held community meetups in Seoul and Luxembourg, giving the team an opportunity to reach and interact with supporters and new interested groups. Red Pulse became an official sponsor for NEO Devcon in San Francisco, the largest gathering to date for the NEO community.

    Media Exposure

    Red Pulse has been interviewed and featured on various media and social media outlets, including South Africa’s CNBC Crypto Trader show.

    Team growth

    The Red Pulse team has grown quickly with many new faces at the office. We have made key hires in all departments, including research, marketing, sales, engineering, and management. We are still looking for talented individuals and to see list of opportunities, please go to

    What Do the Next Few Months Look Like?

    Based on our roadmap, we will be focusing on adding all the needed features and functionality to prepare for the launch of the platform. The deliverables in the second quarter involve ramping up of features and functionality, while improving the user and client experience.

    More immediate is to get the platform to a point where an invitation-only beta can be released to clients and users.

    Progress reports will be published periodically to give our community insights on how the platform is progressing.

    The team will continue to engage with our community, from attending conferences, hosting meetups in different cities, to interviews and Q&A sessions. A greater digital presence, along with more traditional forms of networking, is a high priority for the team as we look to attract more financial experts and financial professionals to our ecosystem.

    We want to thank our supporters for standing with us together to shape a new sharing ecosystem for research. We look forward to the next quarter and taking Red Pulse to the next level.

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